La Jolla Athlete of the Week: Bishop’s swimmer Greyson Davies claims four gold medals in CIF championships

Bishop's School swimmer Greyson Davies
Bishop’s School swimmer Greyson Davies recovered from physical maladies this season to win four gold medals in the CIF San Diego Section Division II championships.
(Courtesy of Jim Jordan)

Bishop’s School senior and swim team co-captain Greyson Davies did not go into this month’s CIF San Diego Section Division II championships expecting to place high, let alone win four gold medals. Especially considering he had a series of colds this season that limited his ability to practice and a back spasm right before the championship meet.

“I had some goals performance-wise, but my biggest goal was to be a good captain and positively benefit my team,” Davies said. “At CIF, I wanted to have fun, and I felt like I did that.”

Despite his modest intentions, he ended up winning the 100-yard butterfly swim and the 100-yard backstroke and swam on the gold-medal-winning 200-yard medley relay (Davies did the backstroke) and the 4x100 relay teams.

“I wasn’t expecting the results I achieved,” said Davies, 18. “I wanted to put in the work and see what happens. To see that pay off felt really good.”

In the season leading to the championships, Davies’ colds forced him to focus on maintaining yardage rather than pushing to his top intensity.

“It was a little nerve-wracking going into CIF because I was rested but I didn’t know if I had the foundation of months of training,” he said. “But for me, it is all about keeping a positive mindset. I little bit of stress can be good, but a lot can destroy a performance. When I would have a back spasm or get sick, I had to focus on what I could control, such as sleep, nutrition, getting work done.”

Joking that with two collegiate swimmers as parents, swimming is “in my genes.” Davies has been swimming with clubs since he was 7.

“I like being in the water; it feels natural,” he said. “Races are not relaxing, but being underwater is very relaxing.”

In all that time in the water, Davies has developed strong techniques, and he credits his CIF performance to applying those techniques.

“Swimming is all about drag reduction and getting through the water with the least amount of resistance,” he said. “If you look at an event, especially at the higher levels, the fastest you’ll ever see a swimmer is underwater in a streamline. So during practice, I like to help others with their technique, like starts, turns and finishes.”

Bishop’s swimming coach Jim Jordan appreciates it.

“He’s been an amazing leader,” Jordan said. “Greyson is one of our most special and amazing kids. He’s super talented and an accomplished swimmer in his own right. But one of the things that sets him apart is he comes to the high school practice, helps other kids like a coach and brings his training and enthusiasm to the pool every day. He is always at the end of the lane for the other swimmers.”

Davies said he likes to “hype up” his teammates so they collectively perform better. “We have a playlist with song choices from all our swimmers, and we play from it during practice,” he said. “Swimming can be stressful, especially when you sit and watch the competition. Anything that can lift my teammates’ spirit and cheer for them makes the experience enjoyable overall.”

Davies will swim for Boston College starting this fall.

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