Artist’s new Mother’s Day mural in La Jolla will replace her ‘Quarantine Dreams’

Hanna Daly's Mother's Day mural (pictured in a rendering) will include things her late mother loved.
(Courtesy of Hanna Daly)

To honor her mother and other moms and to try to move past the COVID-19 pandemic, artist Hanna Daly will paint a new image over her 2020 La Jolla mural, “Quarantine Dreams,” starting Wednesday, May 4, ahead of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 8.

The as-yet-unnamed mural will feature a peacock, a calla lily and other items special to Daly’s mother, Susan Johanna Johnson, who died in June.

Daly said her mother lived in Northern California on a large property with “peacocks everywhere.” “And she got a tattoo at 70 of a calla lily; she loved calla lilies.”

This will be Daly’s first Mother’s Day without her mother, who would have celebrated her birthday May 10.

The mural, which also will contain the words “I love you, Mom,” will replace “Quarantine Dreams,” which Daly painted at the onset of the pandemic on the side of the Fresheria restaurant at 627 Pearl St., at owner Nancy Juarez’s request.

“I will be repainting that wall with a piece that tells moms how much we need them, love them and miss them,” Daly said.

Hanna Daly is ready to paint over her 2020 mural "Quarantine Dreams" at 627 Pearl St.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

Daly — whose work is separate from the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library’s Murals of La Jolla project — painted “Quarantine Dreams” for free as a “colorful gift for our community during the first monotonous days of quarantine,” she said.

The Carmel Valley resident said she now thinks “we’re finally ready to paint over it. I hope I’m right.”

The new mural, which Daly also will paint unpaid, will be “a bit of a cathartic thing for me. … It’s a nice thing as an artist [to] incorporate your life in your work a little bit,” she said.

“Most of the stuff I do is commercial; people pay me to paint murals and so it’s often not very personal,” she added.

Artist Hanna Daly says she might use input from passersby as she paints her new Mother's Day mural in La Jolla.
Artist Hanna Daly says she might use input from passersby as she paints her new Mother’s Day mural in La Jolla.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

“[The new mural] tells moms how much we need them, love them and miss them.”

— Hanna Daly

Daly will paint black over the original mural and then add the new one on top. She said it should be finished by May 5 or 6.

She added that she’s still working on the design and that it may change from the original rendering.

“I’m not someone who loves to plan ahead,” Daly said. “Even when I do a sketch, it never really looks like the sketch because I like things to have a flow to them.”

Daly said the design also might evolve with input from passersby.

“I like input from people. So people walk by and they’re like, ‘Oh, what if you did this or what if you did that?’ I just really enjoy working with people to create stuff so that it’s not just mine. I like it to be a group effort.” ◆