La Jolla High’s Jenna Drobeck is named a CIF San Diego Student Athlete of the Year

La Jolla High School senior Jenna Drobeck (8) is pictured in action on the water polo team.
(Courtesy of Stephanie Marquez)

La Jolla High School volleyball and water polo player Jenna Drobeck has been honored as a CIF San Diego Section/Mission Fed Credit Union Student Athlete of the Year for the City Conference.

Each year, CIF San Diego picks one male and one female athlete to recognize from each conference, based on nominations from within the sports community. The City Conference includes more than 20 schools across the region.

Jenna, a 17-year-old senior, said she was “super honored” to be recognized because “there are so many athletes in San Diego. I honestly still can’t believe it. I’m grateful they chose me.”

“Jenna competes with enthusiasm and passion for her sports,” said Stacy Candia, CIF San Diego executive administrative assistant. “This recognition … looks at the all-around student-athlete — ones that demonstrate acts of sportsmanship and leadership in their schools and community. Jenna has really been active in her sports and has a positive attitude, strong work ethic and demonstration of leadership.”

Jenna grew up in a sports family. Her mother, Kelly, is the La Jolla High School volleyball coach and her brother Dustin is a sophomore at La Jolla High who also plays water polo.

“Jenna is one of the hardest-working kids I’ve ever coached, and she just happens to be my daughter,” Kelly Drobeck said. “She has lived in the shadow of some more celebrity players at the school, so I’m happy to see that her hard work has paid off. I’m so happy for her.”

Jenna Drobeck
Jenna Drobeck plays indoor volleyball for La Jolla High School and will play beach volleyball for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this fall.
(Courtesy of Kelly Drobeck)

To Jenna, “hard work always pays off.”

She has been playing sports since childhood and “always found them really fun to play,” but she also commits to giving them all her attention and energy.

“There’s no point in playing and not giving it 100 percent,” she said. “That’s the way to be successful. If I don’t give it 100 percent, I usually regret it. So I go into every practice and every game with lots of energy and come out of it knowing I did my best. I love that feeling.”

Jenna credits her involvement in sports with many of her accomplishments so far. In her junior year at La Jolla High, she committed to play beach volleyball at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo after graduation. She considers that a “big milestone” resulting from years of work.

“Sports builds great qualities and healthy habits from a young age,” she said. “It’s fun, you can meet fun people and develop friendships, because being on a team is something special. You are all working toward the same goal. You also spend a lot of time together.”

Jenna said sports have strengthened not only her body but also her mind.

“Learning how to push through when you are going through physical and mental stress is a quality you can’t learn unless you’re doing it,” she said. “If you play a sport, it builds over time. You build confidence in what your mind and body can do. I’ve talked to a lot of mental coaches and regular coaches, and everyone tells me you are going to have good days and bad days, but you should always have goals. Knowing you are working toward that goal helps me find my motivation. My goal now is preparing for college, so even if I have a bad day, I remind myself that any work I put into sports is feeding into that goal.”

“The hard work is all worth it, and I also enjoy the process,” she added. “You can have goals, but you have to enjoy the process and the pain to achieve those goals. That’s an awesome quality to have.” ◆