Polishing the Jewel: Students repaint electrical boxes in La Jolla

Eric and Ben Sorensen and Rebecca Weibel show electrical boxes they helped paint outside Torrey Pines Elementary School.
(Tania Rivera)

Several students from Torrey Pines Elementary School in La Jolla pitched in to paint the electrical boxes around the school.

The students took up their brushes for the beautification project under the direction of art instructor and artist Leoangelo Lacuna Reyes, funded by the TPES Foundation.

The project received a boost from the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District, administered by Enhance La Jolla.

MAD district manager Mary Montgomery said last week that members of Enhance La Jolla provided help in obtaining SDG&E approval to repaint the electrical boxes, even though TPES falls outside the boundaries of the MAD.

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