La Jolla Athletes of the Week: Bennett twins thrive as freshmen on La Jolla varsity basketball team

Twins Drew and Reagan Bennett are freshmen basketball players at La Jolla High School.
Twins Drew and Reagan Bennett are freshmen basketball players at La Jolla High School. “They have made us so much better,” coach Alex Caceres says.
(Courtesy of Julie Bennett)

In a very short time, La Jolla High School basketball players and twin sisters Reagan and Drew Bennett have made a big impact on their team. Having moved to La Jolla from Washington state a year ago, both made varsity as freshmen and are “a huge asset” to the Vikings, according to coach Alex Caceres.

“Reagan is right-handed and Drew is left-handed, so you have the double combo of a right-hand and left-hand player,” Caceres said. “They are both really talented. ... They are only going to get better.”

Reagan can play all five positions, and Caceres credits her with “bringing more toughness and awareness of the game.”

Reagan averages 20 points per game and “has been our leading scorer this season,” Caceres said. “She has put up at least 15 points per game along with rebounds and steals. She’s the all-around player right now.”

Drew, who averages 7.7 points per game, is “the shooter that is coming out of her shell,” the coach said.

On top of their skill, “they are some of the sweetest, most coachable girls,” Caceres said. “You can see the determination. They are great team members and athletes. ... They have made us so much better.”

The Bennett sisters started playing basketball when they were 6 but “got serious about it” when they were 10, Drew said.

“Growing up, we did a lot of sports together, every sport you can imagine, but basketball was the one we both seemed to like the most,” she said. “Interest-wise, the only thing we have in common is the sports we play, but sports are such a big part of our lives. Other than that, we are really different.”

For example, off the court, Reagan likes math while Drew likes English.

But on the court, they are able to think alike and use their twin connection to play better as teammates.

“It’s fun playing together because we know each other really well, so we play well and know what the other one is going to do,” Drew said. “That’s helpful because if you are in a spot when you need your teammate, she’ll know when I need help and I’ll know she’ll be where I need her to be.”

That chemistry fuels the overall team chemistry, Reagan said. Noting that only a handful of the players are seniors, she said “our team is almost all new to playing together. Even though it has been a short time, our chemistry is good and we know how to play together.”

The team practices for two hours a day, except on game days. The players prep for games by warming up to music they like and amping one another up. “We like to get in the team and winning mindset,” Reagan said.

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