La Jolla DPR OKs two Bird Rock projects; Village proposal to come back

Walkways at 5340 Calumet Ave. in Bird Rock have been undermined by bluff erosion, necessitating renovation.
Walkways at 5340 Calumet Ave. in Bird Rock have been undermined by bluff erosion, necessitating renovation, engineer Walter Crampton says.
(Courtesy of AJ Remen and Walter Crampton)

Projects presented to La Jolla’s Development Permit Review Committee went two for three during the board’s Jan. 18 meeting online.

Two proposals for the Bird Rock area got the go-ahead, but plans for a development across from La Jolla High School will need to return once again.

5340 Calumet Ave.

After a presentation in September, the team behind a project to remodel the exterior of a house at 5340 Calumet Ave. in Bird Rock went “back to the drawing board” before returning to the DPR Committee this week, said architect AJ Remen.

The property is near a bluff, and erosion has undermined several walkways at the property’s rear, necessitating stabilization and new drainage. The remodel now includes that new drainage system, a change to the pool area, construction of site walls, a new entry gate and trellis, entry landscape improvements and a new fireplace. The permit under DPR review is for the bluff repairs and site improvements. Changes for the house itself are being processed under a separate building permit.

“We took a lot of the comments that the committee and the neighbors had and redesigned some things,” Remen said.

He said the team reassessed the view from the street and wanted to “create a view corridor down each of the side yards.” He added that the hardscape had been pulled back to be more in line with surrounding properties. Remen said someone standing on the street would have an unobstructed view to the ocean. Other measures would be used to create privacy for the homeowner, he said.

The emphasis on maintaining the view is part of a larger effort to inventory properties in the area that block coastal views. That effort is being shepherded by the La Jolla Community Planning Association, with participation from La Jolla Parks & Beaches and the Bird Rock Community Council.

In addition to promising to preserve the view, the applicant said there would be drainage improvements so as to not exacerbate erosion.

Engineer Walter Crampton said a planter would be added to provide “substantial improvement” to the current drainage plan. He said there would be new outlets to funnel water to existing drainage features that go into the ocean rather than over the bluff.

A motion to approve the project passed unanimously.

5522 Beaumont Ave.

A rendering depicts a planned home development at 5522 Beaumont Ave. in Bird Rock.
A screen shot of a rendering presented to the La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee depicts a planned home development at 5522 Beaumont Ave. in Bird Rock.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

After an initial hearing in December, the board voted this week to support an amendment to an approved coastal development permit to build a two-story-over-basement single-family residence with an attached garage and a roof deck at 5522 Beaumont Ave. in Bird Rock.

Applicant and architect Tim Golba said the board had previously approved a CDP for the site but the project was not built. The current homeowner bought the property and is looking to amend the permit.

Golba previously faced questions about how the property would fit in the neighborhood and said he had originally planned to plant palm trees at the site but switched to trees that were more “contextual” to the neighborhood. He also revised the fencing to soften the frontage, he said.

Other DPR questions centered on views and privacy. After renderings provided information about that, a motion to support the project was approved unanimously.

735 Nautilus St.

A project that went before the DPR board twice in December and again this week will need to go back a fourth time before a vote on whether it can proceed with the demolition of a single-family residence and construction of two new two-story single-family homes with basements that will include junior accessory dwelling units within each unit at 735 Nautilus St. in The Village.

In line with the board’s previous request, applicant Stosh Podeswik presented information showing private areas vs. shared areas, landscaping options and how the project would look in relation to its neighbors.

However, La Jolla architect Phil Merten said there was a “disconnect” in the renderings that needed to be resolved and that the drawings showed only some, not all, of the building’s elements.

“If these plans are developed to show all the elements on these buildings, you would see that those elements extend above the angled building envelope along the eastern side of the property and are not in compliance with the municipal code,” Merten said.

In light of that, DPR trustees, while in favor of the design, asked the applicant to return a fourth time with updated drawings.

Podeswik assured them that “the project complies” but agreed to return at a future meeting.

Next meeting: The La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee next meets at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8, online. Learn more at ◆