La Jolla News Nuggets: Warwick’s Day, giant sea bass, high school grades, Youth Commission, surf celebrities

San Diego Councilman Joe LaCava gives a proclamation to Warwick's bookstore owner Nancy Warwick declaring Warwick's Day.
San Diego City Councilman Joe LaCava gives a proclamation to Warwick’s bookstore owner Nancy Warwick declaring Aug. 9 to be Warwick’s Day.
(Courtesy of Beth Penny)

Warwick’s gets a day in San Diego

San Diego City Councilman Joe LaCava, whose District 1 includes La Jolla, last week proclaimed Aug. 9 (National Book Lovers Day) as Warwick’s Day in San Diego.

Citing the venerable La Jolla bookstore’s history in the community — it’s the oldest bookstore in America continuously owned and operated by the same family — the proclamation stated that Warwick’s “has been a community staple for residents to share stories, purchase books and other gifts and create generational memories for over 80 years” in La Jolla.

With the store facing an uncertain future, investors bought the Girard Avenue building that houses it.

“Despite facing significant hurdles due to the changing digital landscape, new competitors and COVID-19 impacts, Warwick’s has maintained its independence, adapted and thrived, offering new services and products through the years,” the proclamation said.

Owner Nancy Warwick said “it’s wonderful to be recognized for the work that we do for our community as we celebrate our [overall] 125th anniversary [this year].”

SIO study indicates giant sea bass are less endangered than thought

A recently published study led by UC San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla suggests that the original assessment and current listing of the giant sea bass as a critically endangered species might be inaccurate, and recommends a reevaluation of the species’ status, according to SIO.

The giant sea bass is known for its enormous size, growing as long as 8.9 feet and weighing more than 560 pounds.

Since 1996, the giant sea bass has been classified as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. The fish, native to the north Pacific Ocean, can be found in the waters off Northern California down to the tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, including the Gulf of California. While strong conservation regulations have been imposed in U.S. waters, regulations in Mexico have been minimal.

The authors determined that the number of scientific publications and annual funding related to giant sea bass are seven and 25 times higher, respectively, in the United States, despite the fact that 73 percent of the species’ range occurs in Mexico, where it also is more abundant. That means that the majority of what is known about giant sea bass comes from studies carried out in only a quarter of the species’ distribution.

Based on the research, the authors suggest the giant sea bass may be less endangered than its current listing indicates.

High school students can request change of pandemic-affected grades

High school students have a chance to change last school year’s letter grades to “pass” or “no pass” grades — an opportunity meant to show grace to students who struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and related school closures. But the deadline to take advantage of that chance is fast approaching.

A new state law, Assembly Bill 104, required school districts and charter schools to post a grade change request form on their websites and notify families of the option by Aug. 2. Students have about two weeks after that to submit the form.

The deadlines for when the forms are due vary by district. The deadline for students in San Diego Unified is Monday, Aug. 16, according to the office of state Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, who authored AB 104.

Students don’t have to give a reason for requesting the grade change, according to the state.

“Pass” grades do not affect a student’s grade-point average and ensure that the coursework still counts toward the student’s graduation requirements, Gonzalez’s office said.

“Struggling in school during this difficult time shouldn’t jeopardize a student’s GPA or risk their chances of being
admitted to college and qualify for financial aid,” Gonzalez said in a statement.

Both the California State University and University of California systems are accepting “pass” or “no pass” grades for classes taken from spring 2020 to summer 2021. — The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego Youth Commission seeks local representative

The San Diego Youth Commission is seeking a representative in the 14-22 age group from City Council District 1, which includes La Jolla.

The commission is an advisory board to the mayor, council and city manager on issues of interest to and pertaining to young people in San Diego. Members are appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council.

The Youth Commission has been on hiatus for five years but was recently reinstated. Learn more at

La Jolla’s Surf Diva hosts surf celebs at book signing

Coco Tihanyi, Indy Callaway, Debbie Beacham, Jim Kempton, Sunshine Makarow, Izzy Tihanyi, Sandy Ordille and Jen Smith
Coco Tihanyi, Indy Callaway, Debbie Beacham, Jim Kempton, Sunshine Makarow, Izzy Tihanyi, Sandy Ordille and Jen Smith (from left) attend a book signing for Kempton’s new book, “Women on Waves,” on Aug. 6 at Surf Diva Surf Shop in La Jolla.
(Jake Grove / Courtesy of Surf Diva Surf Shop)

Surf Diva Surf Shop in La Jolla Shores hosted an outdoor book signing for “Women on Waves: A Cultural History of Surfing, From Ancient Goddesses and Hawaiian Queens to Malibu Movie Stars and Millennial Champions,” written by Jim Kempton and published in July.

The Aug. 6 event featured surf celebrities included in the book, such as world champion Debbie Beacham, two-time world longboard champion Jen Smith, 1970s international pro Sandy Ordille, and Sunshine Makarow, a national champion and publisher of Surf Life for Women magazine.

“We wanted to honor our heritage as women in the surf and give our locals a chance to meet some of our heroes,” said Surf Diva co-owner Izzy Tihanyi.

“Women on Waves” is available at Surf Diva, 2160 Avenida de la Playa (with limited signed copies in stock), or online at

— Compiled by La Jolla Light staff