Car crashes into wall at church in La Jolla, causing at least $5,000 in damage but no injuries

A Mercedes-Benz crashed into a wall surrounding University Lutheran Church in La Jolla at about 1 a.m. July 13.
(Courtesy of Suneel Bhasker)

No injuries were reported when a car smashed into a wall surrounding University Lutheran Church in La Jolla, causing at least $5,000 in damage.

Around 1 a.m. July 13, a Mercedes-Benz coming from La Jolla Farms Road crashed into the wall while trying to make a left turn at about 65 mph, according to congregation President Suneel Bhasker. The church is at 9595 La Jolla Shores Drive near UC San Diego, in “a peaceful residential area where my family and I have been living for nearly 20 years,” Bhasker said.

Bhasker said the driver and his brother were the only occupants of the car and were unharmed. The vehicle crashed through the wall into an unoccupied area, Bhasker said.

“We thank God that the car did not reach our sanctuary or the parsonage where our pastor resides,” he said.

San Diego police said they did not have additional details about the crash.

The church is working on an insurance claim to repair the wall. The early damage estimate is $5,000, but Bhasker said it may be necessary to replace the entire 100-yard wall with something thicker “so it can withstand such crashes more effectively.” Bhasker said that could cost up to $100,000. ◆