La Jolla planning group approves Soledad Mountain roundabout

The intersection of La Jolla Scenic Drive South, Via Capri and Soledad Park Road
The La Jolla Community Planning Association approved a roundabout for this intersection of La Jolla Scenic Drive South, Via Capri and Soledad Park Road.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

The La Jolla Community Planning Association board unanimously approved a roundabout proposed near the Mount Soledad National Veterans Memorial during its July 1 meeting.

The group also agreed to participate in an upcoming workshop to discuss parking issues in La Jolla.


After the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board decided in May to support the Mount Soledad roundabout proposal, LJCPA followed suit July 1.

Resident Serge Issakov said a roundabout at the intersection of La Jolla Scenic Drive South, Via Capri and Soledad Park Road would eliminate some problematic traffic conditions.

“The problem is, if you are coming up Via Capri and want to turn left to get to the [veterans memorial] and there are cars flowing from La Jolla Scenic Drive, it takes a long time until you can make that turn, and traffic backs up behind you,” Issakov told LJCPA. “That is particularly unsettling if you are on a bike or walking. Additionally, if you are coming out of the [memorial], turning right is not an issue but any other turn is sketchy. The roundabout would [prevent] cars from getting delayed or being dangerous.”

Intersection of La Jolla Scenic Drive South, Via Capri and Soledad Park Road
A roundabout proposed for the intersection of La Jolla Scenic Drive South, Via Capri and Soledad Park Road got the La Jolla Community Planning Association’s approval.
(Bing Maps / La Jolla Light)

The roundabout was originally proposed in January and was forwarded directly to San Diego city engineers. In May, the city said the location was a good candidate for a roundabout and that it would be put on the unfunded needs list. Design and size would be determined by city engineers.

Parking forum

LJCPA also agreed to participate in a planned forum to discuss parking in La Jolla. It is slated for sometime this fall.

Other participating groups will include the La Jolla Town Council, La Jolla Village Merchants Association, La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board, La Jolla Planned District Ordinance Committee and La Jolla Village Visioning Committee.

The workshop was originally scheduled to be held in conjunction with the September Town Council meeting, but that month’s agenda reportedly was full, LJCPA President Diane Kane said.

Though the forum is still being developed, possible topics include “La Jolla Village Parking: Separating Myths from Facts”; “Parking’s Impact on Traffic Congestion”; the results of a 2021 La Jolla Village Merchants Association visitors survey; and the “The Four M’s of Parking Solutions.” The latter include incentives to motivate off-street parking, discouraging merchants from having their employees park on the street, a marketing plan to direct drivers toward ample off-street parking, and metered vs. free on-street parking. A date will be announced as it is confirmed.

Other LJCPA news

Cave repair: The board unanimously gave retroactive approval to site development and coastal development permits for emergency work to repair a crack in a sea cave near La Jolla Cove.

In 2019, geologists discovered a weakness in the sea cave known as Koch’s Crack, under Coast Boulevard, and recommended immediate action to fix the problem. City engineer and Public Works Department Director James Nagelvoort told the La Jolla Light at the time that the stabilization project would be completed in two phases. The first would involve injecting a glue-like material into the weaker layer of rock to increase its density and help bind the fractures. For the second phase, contractors would reinforce the top of the cave with concrete.

As part of the project, city engineers said, work needed to be done on an existing storm drain. That work was completed in May and included concrete street panel replacement.

Because the work was started on an emergency basis, permits could not be sought before it began.

Next meeting: The La Jolla Community Planning Association next meets at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 5. It is not yet known whether it will be online, in person or a hybrid. Learn more at ◆