‘All about relationships’: LeTip of La Jolla celebrates 40 years of helping businesses grow

LeTip of La Jolla celebrated its 40th anniversary during its June 4 meeting on Zoom.
(Art Boyan)

LeTip of La Jolla is celebrating its 40th anniversary as the oldest chapter of a nationwide organization designed to help its members grow their businesses through referrals.

Since its inception, LeTip of La Jolla has grown to more than 50 members, all of whom meet weekly (virtually during the coronavirus pandemic).

Clark Anderson — a member of LeTip since 1981, when he started the Mission Valley chapter before moving to the La Jolla chapter in 1995 — credits the La Jolla chapter’s longevity to “the nature of the club.”

Anderson, a Rancho Bernardo resident, said other members attend meetings from all over San Diego and as far away as Temecula, driving weekly to the LeTip of La Jolla meetings when they were held in person at the Sheraton La Jolla Hotel because “people are so friendly with each other and they get along well.”

For Anderson, who sells life insurance, disability income insurance and employee benefits, a LeTip of La Jolla membership has meant “a lot of business. I have over the years made a lot of money” through referrals garnered at the club.

His business growth is all about contacts, he said, and LeTip of La Jolla nets him 25 percent to 30 percent of his business, though he knows others who net 60 percent or more of their business through the club.

Art Boyan, past president and an independent car dealer, said one referral through LeTip led to a car sale, which resulted in another, which led to a total of eight cars sold.

“Some of these referrals really turned into big business,” he said.

Typical meetings last 90 minutes and consist of board member and guest introductions, guest speakers, committee reports and member talks, which are short 30-second explanations of the services that member provides.

LeTip of La Jolla, shown here during a social event in 2018,
LeTip of La Jolla, pictured during a social event in 2018, is celebrating 40 years as a networking organization.
(Karen Floyd / Karen Floyd Portraiture)

Boyan said LeTip of La Jolla meetings “is all about relationships. … You build those relationships, and it makes it very comfortable to [members to] refer you to other people.”

“Obviously, we’re all in it for business, but it’s also a social thing,” he added. “We have some great people in the group.”

The La Jolla chapter was able to retain most of its members during the pandemic, which Boyan credits to its membership of “strong professionals.”

“They got themselves through the pandemic business-wise,” he said. “They understood the importance of keeping our membership strong, weathering the pandemic. [We’re] doing the best job that we can do to run our own business and send referrals to the rest of our group.”

Boyan said the group members also are “fiercely loyal to each other. So we continue to give referrals to each other, continue to invite people.”

LeTip of La Jolla marked its 40th anniversary at its June 4 meeting on Zoom, with club ambassador John Rush, also one of its longest-running members, “giving everybody a perspective of just how long our group has survived and thrived,” Boyan said.

LeTip of La Jolla meets at 7 a.m. Fridays. Dues are paid quarterly. For more information, visit