La Jolla studio revs up offerings with production of health-related videos

Lynne Arciero's REV Studio in La Jolla produces a health-related web series called "Going2Health."

A La Jolla-based marketing firm and production studio has created a series of web-based videos on a variety of health topics. Episodes so far have included “extreme” athletes, stress and anxiety, back pain and sleep.

“We’ve had this vision of creating a talk show that is a little more fun and edgy that doesn’t talk over people’s heads,” said series originator Lynne Arciero, owner and president of REV Studio, which produces the series.

The series, called “Going2Health,” launched the week of Feb. 8. It features three “regular people” as hosts, Arciero said, along with a medical expert discussing a particular issue with “really nice banter.” The medical experts are mostly local to San Diego, with one hailing from Orange County.

“It’s all just a conversation; it’s not scripted,” Arciero said.

Arciero said she planned topics “we thought were interesting and people would listen in to. Who doesn’t have problems sleeping?”

"Going2Health" hosts Carlos Castro, Hayley Murphy and Ilene Kruger (from left) sit in the La Jolla studio.

Another topic is modern injuries, such as “selfie wrist,” “gamer’s thumb” and “avocado hand” (injuries from trying to pit an avocado improperly), Arciero said. “We all have health to think about.”

Five topics were produced into 15 “digestible chunks” for online watching, she said, with each topic stretched over three episodes to include an overview of “what’s the problem and how big is it?”

Arciero said one part is “the expert’s way of addressing the challenges, and the third part talks about resources to find help.”

REV Studio plans to continue the series, she said, hoping to include an “orthopedic surgeon who’s doing cutting-edge work on knees,” a plastic surgeon who will speak on the difference between elective and non-elective procedures, and exploring “a day in the life of a school nurse.”

“We have a huge list of questions we want to ask as regular consumers,” Arciero said.

The series is produced inside REV Studio, which was established in 2019 at 7533 Draper Ave. in The Village as a division of Arciero’s marketing firm Positraction. “We had this idea to build out a studio that will complement our marketing clients,” she said.

The studio, which Arciero said is “the only studio of its kind in La Jolla,” features a 25-by-15-foot Cyclorama wall, “which is basically an infinity wall if you want a seamless background,” along with lighting and sound equipment and a green screen to simulate various backgrounds.

Though the studio is under the Positraction umbrella, it functions separately from the marketing firm, Arciero said. “When we launched REV Studio, we realized there are a number of marketing firms out there that would probably like to use the studio for their clients,” she said.

Arciero started Positraction in 2012, moving to San Diego to be closer to family after working for 25 years in the automotive industry for brands such as Toyota and McLaren, she said.

Despite her extensive automotive background, many of her first clients were in the medical field, she said.

“Coming from cars to medical is a huge learning curve,” Arciero said. But it was the springboard for “Going2Health.”

“There are so many very talented, smart physicians and practices in San Diego,” she said. “When you come to [a doctor] and say ‘I can’t sleep at night,’ there could be a multitude of reasons why that is. Describing that in a conversation vs. that intimidating feeling that you can have when you’re in the office and you know their time is precious — this breaking down of the walls and making it attainable, that’s the main goal.”

Positraction marketing manager Catherine Galton said “you just want to have an easy conversation between people, for people. It’s easy information from doctors speaking in lay terms. No crazy medical jargon, just a fun conversation [with] a lot of silly questions, because nothing’s off the table.”

“Going2Health” is free and available through various podcast outlets as well as streaming on its website,

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