La Jolla planners approve developments in Beach Barber Tract and Village

Plans for 460-462 Westbourne St. include four two-story single dwelling units over full basements with attached garages.

Two Beach Barber Tract-area projects that went before the La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee each got the thumbs up during the board’s Oct. 13 meeting, as did a third project located in The Village of La Jolla.

The first Beach Barber Tract project calls for a coastal development permit, site development permit and tentative map to demolish an existing single-dwelling unit, subdivide the existing lot into four single lots and construct four two-story single dwelling units (each ranging 3,814-4,120 square feet) over full basements with attached garages located at 460-462 Westbourne St.

The project was last heard on Sept. 8, at which time the board had questions with how run-off would be addressed for the area given the “virtual river” that comes across La Jolla Boulevard and down Westbourne Street during heavy rains.

Speaking for the applicant, Camila Farran said there was 2,500 square feet of permeable pavers included in the plans, and civil engineer Robert Bateman added that the landscaping will serve partially as biofiltration areas.

“The basic concept is that, to comply with the city’s guidelines on stormwater, we will get everything out of the property and into the landscape areas or into the driveway and into the street,” he said, and that the development includes curb and gutter installation “so any water that comes down will go into our gutters and into the stormwater [drainage] system.”

Bateman said, “Our improvements here will help to get the water out of the street and alleviate any problems that were there before.”

Addressing the planned planting of street trees, DPR trustee Angeles Leira said she was concerned with the placement in proximity to the property. “The trees are too far from the curb,” she said, and “the trees provide relief for pedestrians and you are putting all the landscaping on your development, which enhances your development … and this is for the public; it’s important to remember there are things that happen around the development that are important.”

Landscape architect Joe Dodd said the project satisfies the city’s requirement for street trees, but “we can’t do too much more because of the setbacks from street corners, streetlights, etc. There is not a lot of wiggle room.”

All said, a motion to support the project passed 4-1, with Leira opposed due to concerns for “care of the public realm” in front of the property.

The other Beach Barber Tract project calls for a CDP, SDP and tentative map to demolish two residences and construct on two separate lots a single-family residence with a companion unit at 242-248 Playa del Norte. The project proposes for each lot a two-story, 2,615-square-foot residence over basement and a detached 372-square-foot, one-bedroom companion unit.

Plans for 242-248 Playa del Norte
A rendering of plans for 242-248 Playa del Norte, which include construction of two single-family residences with companion units.

Architect Tim Golba said parking for the development would be reconfigured so drivers would not have to back out into the undulating street, and two garages would be included.

DPR trustee Diane Kane applauded Golba’s design, saying, “You seem to have come up with some different solutions for these lots. This is a major improvement to the streetscape.”

Fellow trustee Greg Jackson said: “It is a nice design, but I feel this is being shoehorned in. … I wish the result had been something that doesn’t densify this area quite so much. The area is already cramped, and this makes it look more cramped.”

Trustee John Shannon said the companion unit could be used as a short-term rental, but potential use of a development is not within the purview of the board.

A motion to support the project passed unanimously.

Fay Avenue development

The project proposed for The Village of La Jolla calls for a CDP, SDP and tentative map to demolish an existing residence and construct two single-family houses with detached garages totaling 5,254 square feet at 7214-7216 Fay Ave.

7214-7216 Fay Ave.
A rendering of plans for 7214-7216 Fay Ave., which include two single-family houses with detached garages.

Addressing a “main question” from previous presentations regarding garage access, applicant Golba explained the alley to the rear of the property would be used for access. He also said the setback observance will be in line with other properties in the area.

After a brief discussion, a motion to approve the project passed unanimously.

All three of these projects proceed to the La Jolla Community Planning Association for ratification or further review; the next meeting is at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 5, online.

The La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee meets the second and third Tuesdays of each month; the next meeting is Oct. 20. Learn more at