‘Egregious’ Muirlands Drive construction draws ire and violation notice

The city of San Diego has called for a halt to unpermitted construction on property at 1395 W. Muirlands Drive in La Jolla.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

Though a city notice of violation has been issued for construction on property at 1395 W. Muirlands Drive, a local architect asked the La Jolla Community Planning Association during its Aug. 6 meeting to send a letter supporting the notice and encouraging the city of San Diego to uphold its enforcement duties.

The discussion was not listed on the agenda but was added as a last-minute change with a two-thirds vote of LJCPA trustees. A motion to write a letter supporting code compliance, citing the property in question, passed 11-4.

Calling the work at the property “egregious,” Michael Morton of Marengo Morton Architects in La Jolla later told the La Jolla Light: “I was brought on early in June by one of the neighbors to take a look. At that time … construction was proceeding rapidly. We looked into it, and plans were submitted, but there was a code compliance case open.”

A civil penalty notice was sent to the property owner July 21 outlining violations that needed to be corrected. The notice was sent to Dahan Development LLC, which has an address in Poway. The Light‘s attempts to reach the homeowner were unsuccessful.

City spokesman Scott Robinson said the owner already has pulled permits to start correcting some of the violations, but he could not say which ones.

The exact nature of the construction was unclear, though Morton said one of the biggest issues was grading.

The city notice said the following were observed on the property: “construction and demolition without required permits” and “altering the existing drainage pattern, concentrating runoff, increasing the quantity of runoff or increasing the velocity of runoff to adjacent properties without a grading permit and a coastal development permit.”

Morton said facets of the work that would require a coastal development permit would need review by La Jolla community advisory groups.

The notice called for the property owner to cease all work that requires a permit until one is obtained, and “install all necessary erosion control measures … within 10 days.”

The owner has until December to obtain the required permits and complete inspections.

“If [unpermitted] work continues, we ask that it be reported through the Get It Done app and we will investigate and follow through,” Robinson said. ◆