La Jolla permit board approves Bird Rock home remodel on its third try

A rendering depicts a planned home remodel at 5610 Bellevue Ave. in Bird Rock.
A rendering depicts a planned home remodel at 5610 Bellevue Ave. in Bird Rock.

A planned remodel for a house in Bird Rock got the La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee’s approval — on its third presentation — during the board’s July 21 meeting online.

The project calls for a coastal development permit to demolish a detached garage and remodel a 1,002-square-foot single-family residence. The remodel would include a 773-square-foot first-floor addition, a 1,189-square-foot second-floor addition with three decks, a third-floor deck and a 250-square-foot attached garage at 5610 Bellevue Ave.

During the initial presentation of the project June 9, DPR trustees took issue with the site plans being “very difficult to read.” There also were concerns with the elevation and how the house with fit with those that surround it, along with the shorter-than-standard setback for one wall.

Upon its return for a second presentation July 14, the project was voted down due to setback issues and questions about a stairwell, lighting, privacy and a roof deck.

At the time, acting committee Chairman Mike Costello said: “I hope you’ll come back to us with a plan we can approve. You’ve done a lot of great work here, and I would commend you on that, but I would ask you to go a bit further.”

On the third attempt at approval on July 21, applicant Adrienne Perkins said the client was willing to relocate the wall to increase the setback and update the plans “if that is holding up the approval.”

Had the project been processed under the “50 percent rule” exemption — through which projects can bypass community review if less than 50 percent of the existing walls would be demolished — the setback would not have been a concern.

However, Perkins said, “now that we are in different territory, there is a question mark with the city … if they will accept the smaller setback or if they will require us to relocate the wall.”

Perkins said her client, after some deliberation, was willing to move the wall in accord with the board’s wishes.

Trustee John Fremdling, said, “I appreciate your cooperation and being so open to the suggestions we’ve made.”

Perkins added that some railings and roof decks were revised to provide more privacy to neighbors.

A motion to “reconsider last week’s vote” and erase the denial from the record passed unanimously, with Costello saying: “This is very different project than the one we first saw. Thank you for that.”

A second motion that findings can be made to support the permit based on the revisions also passed unanimously.

Other DPR news

Torrey Pines Road request: An application to vacate a portion of Torrey Pines Road was asked to return at a future meeting for a vote. The homeowners of properties at 1802 Amalfi St., 1834 Amalfi St., 1821 Torrey Pines Road and 7840 Sierra Mar Drive are bringing the request forward.

Though details of the plan were unclear, vacate typically means a government transfers the right of way of a public street to a private property owner.

“The intent so far is that nothing will happen to the vacated property,” applicant Tony Christensen said. “No structures can be placed within this area. There could be landscaping in the area. … The area already looks like it is part of the private property, but it isn’t.”

Due to concerns with how the vacation could affect traffic patterns on Torrey Pines Road, the committee considered sending the proposal to the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation Board for review (it will be up to T&T leadership whether to hear it).

Remley Place application: An application for a coastal development permit to demolish a 1,608-square-foot single-family residence and build a 4,685-square-foot single-family home at 7342 Remley Place also will return at a future meeting.

Applicant Trip Bennett said the homeowners held a meeting with neighbors to discuss the plans and that there were slight changes, but four neighbors submitted letters stating they had no objections.

One, however, objected to the potential obstruction of views caused by the second story. Additional concerns were raised about construction staging on the narrow winding street, which Bennett acknowledged was “not a perfect situation.”

The La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee next meets (pending items to review) at 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 11, online. Learn more at ◆