DPR approves Village, Windansea projects

A rendering of the Conant residence project at 420 Pearl St.

The La Jolla Development Permit Review committee gave its approval to two developments in La Jolla during its July 14 meeting: one in The Village and the other in Windansea.

Conant Residence: After a positive review in April, the Conant residence project in The Village underwent some minor changes, and the newest plans got unanimous approval. The applicant, Drew Hubbell, sought a coastal development permit to demolish an existing residence and construct a new three-story, 4,493 square-foot, two-unit residence with basement garage, roof deck and driveway at 420 Pearl St.

Design-wise, Hubbell said the house would be of contemporary Mediterranean style with white stucco and clay tile accent roofs, arched entryway and street trees. There would also be roof decks, underground parking and an elevator.

Following up on requests from the board for more information about the landscaping, he said the development would include jacarandas, a palm tree and other “sculptural trees.” He also showed how windows align with the condos that surround the proposed development and how they were adjusted where needed to preserve privacy.

Regarding changes made to the plans, he said, “During the process, the owner has decided she wants to create these as two condos rather than apartments, which we submitted to the city. One issue [with that] is the city asked for a 20-foot-wide driveway … so we are asking for a deviation to allow for a [wide enough] driveway to enter the underground garage.”

Trustee Angeles Liera, who supported the project during its initial presentation, said she “strongly supported” the deviation because parking in the area is in high demand, and taking cars off the street and into the underground garage would be preferred.

A motion that findings can be made for the project and to have the board recommend the city approve the requested deviation for the driveway passed unanimously.

Palomar CDP: Like many other projects that have come before the DPR committee, for the Palomar CDP project in Windansea, the issue of roof decks and carports had to be resolved before it could get approval.

The project calls for a coastal development permit to demolish an existing 360-square-foot detached garage, and to construct a new 3,629-square-foot second residence with a rooftop deck and new carport. The existing house would also be remodeled to add a 525-square-foot second story companion unit with a rooftop deck and a 531 square-foot attached garage – all at 524 Palomar Ave.

A rendering for a proposed development at 524 Palomar Ave.

Historically, the board has disapproved of roof decks because of infrequent use and potential for invasion of neighbor’s privacy. To resolve this, applicant Scott Spencer said he reduced the size of one of the roof decks. “On the newly created, rear two-story residence, between adjusting the roof pitch and bringing the size of the roof deck down, we have it pretty well disguised,” he said, and that he “hid it some” on the front unit.

Similarly, when carports have been presented, there is usually some concern that they will be converted into garages down the line (carports are not included in a property’s floor area ratio, but a garage would be).

Spencer explained how the architects behind the plans originally thought about making it a garage at the onset, but that would have boosted the FAR, or floor-to-area-ratio, beyond what is allowed for the area. As a solution, he said he eliminated one of the garages from the plan.

A motion that findings can be made for the project passed unanimously. The findings proceed to the La Jolla Community Planning Association for ratification, which next meets 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 6 online. Learn more:◆