Three small rock slides at Black’s Beach close private road

Three small rock slides were reported near Black's Beach in La Jolla on May 2.

Lifeguards said there were no injuries. The road is owned by UC San Diego and used by lifeguard vehicles.


Multiple bluff collapses blocked vehicle access to a private road near Black’s Beach in La Jolla on May 2, although pedestrians could still walk down the road.

San Diego lifeguard Lt. Maureen Hodges said witnesses reported seeing three small rock slides over the course of an hour before 10 a.m., obstructing about 30 yards of a non-public access road but leaving no injuries.

The road, which is owned by UC San Diego and used by lifeguard vehicles, was still accessible for pedestrians, lifeguards said.

Hodges said UCSD was coordinating with the city of San Diego to remove debris from the road but she expected it would be clear at some point in the afternoon.

In the interim, lifeguards said they would rely on contingency plans, such as water vehicles and a truck already on the beach, if they needed to conduct a rescue near that portion of the beach.

Hodges said such collapses happen from time to time, and lifeguards recommend people give the cliffs a wide berth at all times. ◆