Enhance La Jolla and Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) offer an update on improvements to The Village

Among the regular improvement projects by Enhance La Jolla and La Jolla's Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) are sidewalk power-washing, tree trimming, landscape maintenance and trash removal from trash receptacles throughout the Village of La Jolla.
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After four months of operation, La Jolla MAD (Maintenance Assessment District) vendors have performed a complete cleaning of The Village. Most of the deferred maintenance in The Village has been addressed.

Now, MAD continues the cycle of regular maintenance. Sidewalk power-washing will be performed quarterly in Zone 1 of The Village. Landscape maintenance will cycle through the entire Village every three weeks. And, litter control occurs daily.

Landscape maintenance is performed four days each week, Monday through Thursday. Litter control and trash collection is performed seven days each week.

Sidewalk power-washing is performed Sunday and Monday nights each week from midnight to 8 a.m.

In addition to these activities, MAD will clean pedestrian ramps every Friday and focus on picking up dog droppings every Wednesday.

MAD will paint all concrete trash receptacles this winter; 15 of about 50 trash receptacles have been painted.

MAD continues to work with the City to focus on unattended trash dumpsters. We are making progress on this issue, but more needs to be done.

We are coordinating with SDG&E to clean up and/or paint transformer boxes and protection bollards.

MAD Accomplishments:

• Completed deferred maintenance for tree and bush trimming, sidewalk washing, and litter/trash collection. Even the alleys and lanes are cleaner.

• Trimmed all trees up to 10 feet.

• Removed all damaged planters.

• Cleaned tree wells.

• Removed damaged benches.

• Painted 15 trash receptacles. 21 more scheduled.

• Worked with City to remove unsafe tree limbs (two locations).

• Worked with City to address water leaks (three locations).

• Weekly clean pedestrian ramps and dog droppings.

• Weekly remove 600 pounds of trash and palm fronds.

• Regularly clean sidewalks around benches and trash receptacles.

• Weekly water hanging planters. All are looking healthy.

• And, no more overflowing trash receptacles!

As always, your input, comments and concerns are welcome. You can contact MAD at or (858) 444-5892, and visit