2020 Visions: La Jolla leaders state goals for the new year

Some of La Jolla's community leaders state their goals for the new year 2020: Tony Crisafi, president of La Jolla Community Planning Association; Ann Dynes, president of La Jolla Parks & Beaches; Janie Emerson, chair of La Jolla Shores Association; Ann Kerr Bache, president of La Jolla Town Council; John Newsam, chair of Bird Rock Community Council; Jodi Rudick, executive director of La Jolla Village Merchants Association; Erika Torri, executive director of Athenaeum Music & Arts Library; Nancy Walters, executive director of La Jolla Community Center; and Ed Witt, president of Enhance La Jolla.
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Not all New Year’s resolutions are about losing weight. We asked nine La Jolla community leaders to share the top three goals for their organizations — and for La Jolla — in 2020. Here they are in alphabetical order by organization:

Athenaeum Music & Arts Library

Erika Torri, executive director

1) “Strengthen the Athenaeum’s role as a cultural hub for the community.”

2) “Be able to offer the same extensive and diverse programming as we did in 2019.”

3) “Continue and expand support for (mostly regional) visual and performing arts through exhibitions, concerts and commissions.”

Bird Rock Community Council

John Newsam, chair

1) “To see greater community engagement — as in BRCC membership, meetings and events. Unless there’s a really hot-burning issue, the attendance and engagement at meetings can be relatively light.”

2) “To continue to progress with the working groups and action groups we created last year: the Bird Rock merchants group; the committee on coastal overlooks and view corridors; and our group on Bird Rock visioning.”

3) “To see Bird Rock develop its own reputation beyond La Jolla’s. La Jolla at large is a destination, but there are things that are special about Bird Rock: our artisan merchants; great restaurants; and great health and wellness experiences. I’d like to see Bird Rock become more of its own destination.”

Enhance La Jolla

Ed Witt, president

1) “To enhance La Jolla. All of us in La Jolla should make enhancing La Jolla our No. 1 goal, because it‘s a great place to work, play and to live.”

2) “To move forward with the streetscape that the La Jolla Community Foundation has paid to be developed. I will be working with the Foundation, with Enhance La Jolla and with other community members to bring it forward and bring it into focus.”

3) “To make sure that the community knows what we can do and can’t do. A lot of people think we can do anything. My goal will be to communicate better to the public what we can achieve through the MAD.”

La Jolla Community Center

Nancy Walters, executive director

1) “Putting senior issues on the map — to educate the community on the importance of supporting senior programs, including those we offer. We serve more than 15,000 seniors annually and we will need continued financial support to achieve our goals.”

2) “To expand our outreach to potential members and guests who feel isolated, lonely or without connection. Beyond listening and a deep engagement with our members, our goal is to inspire adults and seniors to stay active, healthy and live a long and fulfilling life through a range of enticing programs and events.”

3) “Our vision for our building includes a new roof and renewable technology in the form of solar panels, which we recently received the funding for. Capital improvements are a core part of our strategy in the year ahead. We see our building as being a strong and lasting haven for seniors in the years to come.”

La Jolla Community Planning Association

Tony Crisafi, president

1) “I’d like to see some interesting projects proposed for The Village. I don’t know what’s in the works at the City, but I’d like to see more projects come through review like David Bourne’s at 801 Pearl St., which was sent forward for approval. I think we’re at the beginning of a transformation.”

2) “I’d love to see the Children’s Pool historic ramp designation approved and the ramp restored ... that’s really important.”

3) “Having a strong group of trustees representing La Jolla, which is good for the community.”

La Jolla Parks & Beaches

Ann Dynes, president

1) “To finally be able to clarify our bylaws, which have been in limbo for several years. This is a technical goal, but a very important one.”

2) “To assimilate the new members we have joining us. We’ve had several vacancies for a year or more and we’re very excited about filling out our ranks with Barbara Dunbar and Claudia Baranowski. It’ll help our discussions to have some fresh blood.”

3) “To follow construction of the new Scripps Park Pavilion to its completion. The building is not scheduled to be done for quite a while, but the City has promised to keep us posted. So we’re following that with a lot of interest.”

La Jolla Shores Association

Janie Emerson, chair

1) “We need to rebrand the Shores to make it a more vibrant destination. We’re allowed to have banners, so we’re looking at doing those. We’re also looking at getting our merchants association more active again.”

2) “We need to re-green the Shores, replacing trees in Kellog Park and other eco-friendly areas. And ‘The Map,’ our mosaic-tile installation, will be going in, we hope, in 2020.”

3) “We need to collaborate with other groups to make the whole community stronger.”

La Jolla Town Council

Ann Kerr Bache, president

1) “Whomever is elected Mayor of San Diego, our hope and goal would be that La Jolla receive appropriate attention in infrastructure and other aspects.”

2) “To help San Diego’s government develop appropriate guidelines, enforcement and compliance for the very difficult issue of short-term rentals, but not at the expense of quality of life in San Diego.”

3) “To develop more opportunities for entrepreneurs of all ages to pursue their goals and dreams — especially when it includes cross-border activities.”

La Jolla Village Merchants Association

Jodi Rudick, executive director

1) “Having La Jolla’s merchants show more love to the locals, and having locals show more love to La Jolla’s merchants. The perfect vehicle for both is the La Jollalty Card, our locals discount program. By the end of 2020, I want everyone to know about the La Jollalty Card. So far, more than 60 merchants are offering locals discounts. Our goal is to increase that number and have locals use the card as part of their thought process when shopping.”

2) “To support all aspects of the community. We know we can’t please all the people all the time. But we really want to be in the conversation more with service clubs, with La Jolla Parks & Beaches, with event promoters and with visitors to La Jolla, sitting at the table and offering our support. We want to look for win-win partnerships and help more community groups who might need both professional and volunteer support. “

3) “To make La Jolla more of a shopping destination in this era of online retail. We want to leverage those assets that no one can take away from La Jolla Village — our amazing views, our incredible weather and our epicurean delights.”