New Business Roundup: Five health/fitness facilities coming to La Jolla


Some may argue that The Village has its fair share of health, wellness and fitness facilities, but the new ones coming into town insist they have unique offerings that will help them stand out.

1) Life Time, 1055 Wall St. (858) 410-7100.

Set to open later this year in the massive former home of Brooks Brothers at 1055 Wall St., Life Time intends to be a “top-of-the-line” exercise facility with a “resort feeling.”

Life Time La Jolla general manager Jo Cullen told La Jolla Light: “We like to believe that Life Time is a one-of-a-kind experience, and our members say it has a resort feeling. We consider ourselves an athletic resort, not a gym. We even consider ‘gym’ to be a curse word.”

Within the 46,000-square-foot space under renovation, the athletic club will emerge with five separate group fitness studios for classes, equipment, a LifeSpa that features a full-service salon and six treatment rooms, and a nutrition-focused LifeCafe with a full menu and grab-and-go options. The cafe and spa are open to the public.

As for what makes the facility different, Cullen added: “We are not that one modality type of place. People tell me they drive around for different offerings, and we offer it all under one roof. We have 145 clubs in 29 states and we hire the best performers (to help train and) lead our branded classes. And the equipment is not your standard; the cardio equipment is the latest available. We will have 90 pieces of cardio, so there is no waiting, you can connect your phone for entertainment, as well.”

Leading up to the opening, a “preview center” is open at 7863 Girard Ave., Suite 101-202, open to anyone interested in becoming a member, and includes virtual tours, renderings, equipment listings and more. Those who would like to sign up for a $199-a-month membership can do so at the preview center.

2) ShowUp Fitness, 1020 Prospect St. (530) 520-2664.

Scheduled to open mid-September, ShowUp Fitness, 1020 Prospect St., will serve as both an education center for personal trainers and a gym where clients get one-on-one attention.

“Our model is that ShowUp Fitness is where great trainers are made,” said owner Chris Hitchko. “We have a program to get them certified in personal training, and then we take the best trainers and hire them at the facility.”

He added that most personal trainers go through a short seminar to earn their certification, but ShowUp is a more extensive program: “so when they are done, they are the best of the best,” he said. “Trainers have a bad reputation for being meatheads, so we wanted to put a brain behind the body. We apply a method and get results much faster.”

Only offering private personal training, ShowUp Fitness’ price range is $50 to $200, depending on the trainer.

3) Body Tight Lipo Spa, within the Phenix Salon Suites at 7655 Girard Ave., Suite 119. (310) 625-8722.

Opened four months ago, Body Tight Lipo Spa uses a treatment known as Ultrasonic Cavitation to reduce cellulite and wrinkles on the face and body. The process consists of heat, vibration and suction to liquefy the layer of fat cells and release its contents into the bloodstream.

Holistic nutritionist, fitness trainer and Body Tight owner Callie Cameron said the facility has a “spa-like atmosphere” and the treatment is painless.

“It’s a new system, which works with the lymphatic system to dissolve cellulite and wrinkles, and there are more cool-sculpting facilities in La Jolla than Ultrasonic Cavitation,” she told the Light. “You will see results in one session, but there is a protocol to follow to make sure it works. I take pride in the work and I take care of my clients; they get gift bags when they leave and have the option to get on a nutrition plan to reach their goals.”

4) Dr. Nevin Ramona, Chiropractor; 7742 Herschel Ave. (619) 895-1880.

Offering a boutique, one-on-one chiropractic experience — with a special focus on prenatal care — the office for Dr. Nevin Ramona, Chiropractor opened at 7742 Herschel Ave., Suite J, on Sept. 1.

After practicing in “high volume practices” seeing 30 or more patients a day, Ramona said she wanted a more individualized practice — so much so that her La Jolla office only fits one client at a time.

“I combine chiropractic with trigger-point therapy and pressure-point therapy to treat the spine and muscles to set those bones in place,” she said. Her chiropractic practice also treats sinus care, back and neck pain, migraines, infertility, nerve care, anxiety and more.

Of her specific certification in prenatal and pediatric care, Ramona added: “My passion is helping women have the birth they want by keeping their body as healthy as possible before and during their pregnancy.”

As to why she chose La Jolla, she said: “I just love it here. There is already a health focus, and this is a boutique-style practice, and I think that fits well here. It isn’t clinical and there is no waiting room. It’s really personal.”

Services start at $65 an adjustment for as-needed visits, but Ramona also creates packages based on longer-term needs.

5) Achieve TMS, 4510 Executive Drive. (877) 871-6379.

Offering the first deep Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) system in San Diego, Achieve TMS unveiled its new facility at 4510 Executive Drive in August. The FDA-approved system is designed to treat patients with psychological conditions.

According to press material, Achieve TMS offers MRI-guided neuro-navigation, used for over 20 years in complex neurosurgical procedures, to treat complex and treatment-resistant neuropsychiatric conditions such as depression, sleep disorders, traumatic brain injuries, autism, addiction, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and more. The process involves the patient sitting down in a comfortable seat, the TMS device is placed on the head, pulses are delivered for 20 minutes and the patient can then drive home or return to work. The process is covered by some insurance companies in California.

Longtime Retailers Leaving

• Rimel’s Rotisserie: After more than 20 years in The Village, Rimel’s Rotisserie closed at 1030 Torrey Pines Road in August. A member of the Rimel family told the Light the eatery lost its lease, prompting the closure.

• Piano Building tenants: Two retailers within the Piano Building at 5680 La Jolla Blvd. in Bird Rock are closing their stores, following the sale of the building earlier this year. A Better Deal Tuxedo closed in August. Mimi and Red clothing store will close by Jan. 31, but a manager told the Light the last day was “still up in the air.”

• Pet Stop/Wine Time Deli: The Pet Stop closed quietly this summer at 7490 La Jolla Blvd. The Wine Time Deli at 7474 La Jolla Blvd. is in the process of closing, with a sign that hangs above the shop reading: “Going out of business sale, up to 50 percent off.” Management confirmed the closure was coming, but declined to provide a date or reason.

• Bulfer’s Fine Jewelry: After more than 30 years, Bulfer’s Fine Jewelry will shutter later this month at 7777 Girard Ave., Suite 102. “I am disappointed because my family has been in the jewelry business for 70 years, and we’ve befriended so many wonderful people,” Gary Bulfer said. “Working in a jewelry store often means happy moments — engagements, birthdays or anniversaries.

“But sales have steadily fallen in recent years. There were 10 jewelry stores in La Jolla when I opened, but the Internet has tens of thousands. It’s time to read the writing on the wall. Internet sales are taking over because with mom-and-pops, you have to pay employees and other things that don’t exist with an online store. I’m not going to fight it anymore and going to start focusing on online stores.”