City installs 40 scooter corrals in La Jolla: Are more coming?

A scooter corral near the La Jolla Rec Center
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

Any day now, the City will complete its installation of at least 40 scooter corrals in The Village, almost all of which are located west of Pearl Street between Prospect Street and Ivanhoe Avenue.

The locations were determined by City staff after the La Jolla Community Planning Association voted in July to approve 40 corrals for the staging of electric scooters. The installation started in mid-August and was set to be complete the week of Aug. 26.

Over the last several months, City staff sought community feedback on locations for these corrals, which are painted on the street, typically fronting red zones, in 10 by 6 foot squares (some in La Jolla are 12 by 6 feet, and one is even 14 by 6 feet).

A master list of 150 locations for The Village in La Jolla was sent to the City Council, but after meeting with representatives from La Jolla’s community advisory groups, the list was reduced to about 81. The City agreed to start with the LJCPA recommendation of 40 and proceed from there. There are no corrals in La Jolla Shores or Bird Rock, but there are a few near Tourmaline Beach.

However, whether the roll-out will end with 40 corrals remains to be seen.

The City has created a map indicating the locations for these corrals, with a little more than 40 listed. One location — ironically on the corner where the Light’s offices sit at 565 Pearl St. — was not on the map and not included in the count. San Diego Transportation & Stormwater Department spokesperson Anthony Santacroce said this was due to “the lag time in updating the geographic information system (GIS) map from the list.”

The map can be found at under “shared mobility device corrals.”

Further, a note from a Transportation & Stormwater rep to City staff indicates: “We believe, based on scooter fleet number and operations in La Jolla, that we need to add more corrals to meet the demand.”

One corral is on the corner of Draper Avenue and Prospect Street, fronting the La Jolla Recreation Center. The La Jolla Recreation Advisory Group (LJRAG) previously approved one location for the Rec Center area, on the other side of the property.

LJRAG chair and its visioning committee chair both confirmed they were not consulted on the new corral location, but could not say whether anyone else on the board was contacted.

The docking rules

If there is no corral, electric scooter operators must place the scooters in accordance with the so-called “4-by-40 rule,” in which devices are staged in groups of four, with groups 40 feet apart. However, this City regulation is for scooter corral companies that bring their devices into town.

Riders are not required to leave the scooters in corrals, but are encouraged to, according to a City webpage: “follow all directions provided by the rental company. Generally, bikes should be parked in available bicycle racks. Bicycles and scooters must be parked without blocking the public right-of-way (street or sidewalk).”