Developers green-light latest Alcorn project in La Jolla Farms

Architect Jim Alcorn (right) breezes through his latest La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee presentation.

Architect Jim Alcorn won his latest client a recommendation from the La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee (DPR) at its July 9 meeting at the Rec Center.

Only 30 minutes after the presentation started, the committee voted to green-light a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) to construct an 11,100-square-foot house on a vacant lot at 2677 Brookmead Lane in La Jolla Farms. (Alcorn noted that the last house there burned down about 15 years ago.)

Alcorn displayed photos — showing the building’s context to surrounding houses — that he was asked to bring during the project’s June 11 preliminary presentation. There was some public comment about the pool motor’s proximity to a neighbor’s property, and questions from the trustees about the height (28 feet) and floor-to-area ratio (.20 with .45 allowable). But the trustees liked what they saw, and voted unanimously in the project’s favor.

Gate-gate scandal

Applicant’s representative Robert Bateman presented his case for a CDP and Tentative Map to create four residential and two commercial condominium units for his client’s building, the Bird Rock Condos at 5656 La Jolla Blvd.

The project was previously approved by DPR and is currently under construction. But it was approved as apartments, and now the owner would like to convert them to condos.

Members of the committee said they felt that the matter wasn’t that simple, however. Trustee Angeles Liera pointed out that condo ownership brings into play parking-privacy concerns that don’t exist with apartments.

Bateman replied that private parking gates would be installed for each unit, but the committee did not see gates mentioned in the original permit. Trustee Diane Kane said that City Code requires 21 feet of turnaround space for parking garages, which doesn’t seem to be there if gates are installed.

Bateman was asked to return with drawings of the elevation, operation and size of the gates, and the dimension from the face of the gate to far side of alley. He was asked to slide the parking spaces forward two feet if they don’t meet City Code.

“This is my third trip here,” Bateman replied. “The gate is not my issue. It’s not part of my plan. It’s not part of my package. It’s already permitted.”

DPR chair Brian Will agreed, admonishing the committee that the gates are not their purview.

“I think it’s reasonable to ask the applicant to demonstrate it,” he said. “At the same time, I think it’s unreasonable to ask the applicant to make changes to a project that we have already approved. All of these things are for the architect. They’re not the thing we’re here to discuss.”

Also at DPR

John Fremdling joined the committee as a new trustee. It was his first meeting, but he can’t vote until his fourth.

— The La Jolla Development Permit Review Committee next meets 4 p.m. Tuesday August 13 at the La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.