Photos — A Soggy Mess: Rain may delay construction at La Jolla Shores

Flooded streets, fallen trees and halted construction were consequences of the three Pacific storms that brought winds of over 60 miles per hour and waves measuring more than 10 feet to San Diego last week.

La Jolla Light contacted City officials to find out if the Shores’ Avenida de la Playa stormwater replacement project’s due date was affected by the weather events. “We include days for possible rain delay within the construction schedule,” replied public information officer Alec Phillipp.

Phase 1 of the current project (replacing the stormwater infrastructure on Avenida de la Playa that blew apart during a rainstorm in January 2016, shortly after being installed), was scheduled to be complete by the end of the month. This stage involves removing the bio-filter box installed under El Paseo Grande. The construction crews, who according to City senior engineer Steve Lindsay were supposed to be work “day and night” to deliver the project in time, saw their work halted due to the weather events.

The next phase will remove and replace 600 linear feet of storm drain and culvert, and planned to end in May 2017.

María José Durán
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