Water quality advisory issued once again for La Jolla Cove

The San Diego County Department of Environmental Health has issued a water quality advisory for La Jolla Cove. Advisory signs indicating it’s swim-at-your-own-risk at The Cove went up Aug. 3. It is not known when they will come down. The County notes that bacteria levels may exceed health standards and people should avoid water contact in the advisory area.
According to San Diego County’s Beach & Bay Water Quality Program, The Cove is “sampled weekly, year round, by the County” and that “water quality may be impacted by marine mammals, birds and other sources at this location.” Bacterial exceedance advisories are issued when monitoring reveals ocean or bay water quality does not meet State health standards due to high bacterial levels.
In April 2016, the County posted a similar advisory, citing an “uncommon number” of high-bacteria results.
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