Speed humps installed on Draper Avenue in La Jolla


Installation has begun on a series of road humps on Draper Avenue between Westbourne and Genter streets. Designed to be more gradual than speed bumps, the speed humps (aka speed cushions) are considered a traffic-calming measure. In total, there will be six sets of speed humps across the six blocks.

The concept was first heard at the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation advisory board meeting in June 2017, when resident Andrea Russell made a presentation on behalf of 41 residents who signed an online petition in favor of some form of traffic calming.

She cited the high pedestrian and bicycle activity on that street, especially from the nearby La Jolla High School and the La Jolla Christian Fellowship on Genter Street, as reasons the board should support the proposal, and she called the stretch the “Draper Freeway.”

Russell said at the time: “This nickname jokingly exhibits the speed and hazard that our residential street has become, but this is no joking matter. Someone is going to get seriously injured on that street.”

She originally requested a four-way stop sign, but following a City evaluation, engineers determined the area did not meet the criteria for additional stop signs.

Returning with a proposal for speed humps rather than stop signs, in November 2017, the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation board voted 10-0-0 to support the installation of the humps. The next month, the La Jolla Community Planning Association ratified the findings.