La Jolla Shores board comes to resolution on PRC charter


The La Jolla Shores Association (LJSA) may have finally settled the ongoing debate about a charter revision that has been going back-and-forth since last summer.

At the LJSA meeting Feb. 13, the board approved the separation of the current La Jolla Shores Permit Review Committee (PRC) charter into two documents: a formal charter that would serve as an establishing document, and a set of bylaws that outlines policies and procedures.

PRC evaluates plans for development in La Jolla Shores on the basis of the La Jolla Community Plan, the Local Coastal Program Land Use Plan, the La Jolla Shores Planned District Ordinance (the La Jolla Shores Design Manual) and the San Diego Municipal Code. The committee is comprised of eight members: five appointed by LJSA and three by the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA).

LJSA chair Janie Emerson, LJSA member Dolores Donovan, and LJSA member and PRC chair Dave Gordon worked together in the days leading up to the meeting to create the two documents.

“Most groups have something that sets them up into existence, in this case, a charter; and another administrative document, such as bylaws or policies and procedures that go through the nitty-gritty, day-to-day operation,” Emerson explained. “The charter is the existing ruling document for La Jolla Shores PRC.” By separating the documents, changes could be made as needed to the bylaws while preserving the charter.

The newly drafted documents broadly define the meeting schedule and a potential recusal policy, and other logistical changes. For example, the draft bylaws state: “Meetings shall be held monthly, or as required, at a regular time and date to be determined by vote of a majority of the members,” rather than defining a specific date at which the board would meet.

Additionally, the draft charter states: “If a committee member has a conflict of interest, the member shall recuse and comply with the recusal procedures of the LJCPA,” rather than creating its own specified policy. “So whatever the LJCPA policy is, that’s what the PRC policy will be,” Emerson later told La Jolla Light.

The LJCPA will put a vote to its general membership March 7 to determine whether to adopt a new recusal policy to allow applicants who are also trustees to stay in the room during an informational presentation so they can answer questions about their projects, but may not vote.

The discussion — on whether and how to change the PRC charter and/or create bylaws — has been underway since July 2018, at which time Gordon recommended the change and distributed a draft to Shores PRC trustees. At the time, he suggested changing the charter itself and renaming it as “bylaws.” After a few months with no feedback, Gordon put the change to PRC trustees for a vote, but it was then that opposition emerged.

Nevertheless, the board voted to approve the suggested changes. The revised document was submitted to the LJCPA for ratification in February. After more opposition, and a request to have the LJSA review the changes, the LJCPA agreed to postpone a vote to March.

“What I proposed, which PRC approved 6-0, was one document (called ‘bylaws’),” Gordon said. “I would still prefer that … but because of the significant resistance, I acquiesced and worked out the details so they are complete. Rather than drag this on any more, I will support this. I think it will accomplish the same thing in the long run.”

A motion to approve the charter as one document passed 9-0-1 and a second motion to approve the creation of the bylaws as a separate document passed 9-0-1.

They will once again go before the LJCPA for ratification.

In other LJSA news

Village/Shores partnership: La Jolla Village Merchants Association executive director Jodi Rudick and board president Brett Murphy were in attendance to propose ways the two groups could work together to better promote business across La Jolla.

“We are working very hard to focus our energy on bringing business to La Jolla,” Rudick said. “When people think of La Jolla, we don’t think they differentiate La Jolla Village from La Jolla Shores in their mind. … We would love to have conversations with you to see if there are ways we could support you and help you.”

Early ideas include expanding the “banner program,” through which banners are hung on light poles in The Village and The Shores to cross-promote businesses. A meeting to “shoot ideas around” was agreed to, with a date and location to be determined.

Shuttle gets green light: La Jollan and La Jolla Traffic & Transportation sub-committee members Dan Allen spoke to garner LJSA support for a proposal to have the City prepare plans and find resources to provide shuttle or feeder transit service to link central La Jolla to the nearest trolley stop (which has not been determined yet) when the Mid-Coast Trolley extension goes live in 2021.

The trolley route would connect Downtown San Diego to the UTC area with no connection to The Village or The Shores. A motion to also support the shuttle proposal passed 8-0-1.

Map update: In speaking for Friends of La Jolla Shores, whose current project is The Map educational display, Terry Kraszewski said the installation will be postponed in light of oceanographer Walter Munk’s passing on Feb. 8. (Munk was a supporter of The Map project.)

“Part of the reason Friends of La Jolla Shores wanted to install The Map in spring was so Walter could see it,” she said. “Now that that sense of urgency is not there, there are some additional educational components we would like to include, and push the installation to fall of this year.” The in-development Map uses mosaic tiles to depict marine life out at sea off La Jolla Shores.

Waterless urinals: LJSA trustee Joe Dicks reported on Feb. 20, he would be meeting with reps from the San Diego City Council to discuss the process to have waterless urinals installed in City facilities and La Jolla Shores businesses to reduce water use. From there, he would reach out to the corresponding person at the state level. A report on these meetings would be given at a future meeting.

La Jolla Shores Association next meets 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 13 at Martin Johnson House on the Scripps Institution of Oceanography campus, 8840 Biological Grade.