The Maids of San Diego: A team you can trust



You’ve heard the expression “There’s no ‘I’ in team,” right?

There’s no ‘I’ in The Maids of San Diego, either. When you hire this professional cleaning service, you get not just one maid, but four.

“It’s to make it as convenient as possible for the customers,” explained Erik Tello, operations manager of the San Diego franchise of The Maids, which has been around for 19 years. “If they are busy professionals or, say, a home mom, they’re not going to be as comfortable with somebody being in their home six, eight hours. A team of four can get it done much quicker.”

The team members arrive in identifiable uniforms and in marked vehicles, and they use green-preferred cleaning products on the job. The Maids services San Diego, Rancho Penasquitos, Tierrasanta, Mira Mesa, University City and La Jolla. “We’re not an agency,” emphasized Tello. “All the people we hire are our employees.”

The Maids company was founded in 1979 by an entrepreneur named Daniel J. Bishop in Omaha, Nebraska. Today, Tello said there are about 150 franchises nationwide and in Canada.

San Diego-area clients tend to be “on the higher end,” Tello said. “They’re looking for a service that’s going to be trustworthy, reliable and convenient for them.”

Trust is, of course, an issue any time you let someone into your home for an extended period of time. The Maids’ service people assigned in teams will clean at the same homes regularly. “We service about 170 customers on a regular basis,” said Tello, “and we have keys to about two-thirds of their homes. We try to keep the same team coming back to the same house.

“We tend to keep our staff for quite a bit of time, and they get to know the customers. One of our more experienced team leaders has been here for 17 years.”

In case you’re wondering, the staff isn’t entirely female. Tello pointed out that “We do have one gentleman who works in the company. He’s been with us for about six months now. He’s been a great addition for us.”

Among the advantages of a service like The Maids, according to Tello, is reliability. “If somebody hires an independent contractor, for example, and they get sick, that throws off the entire cleaning schedule. (Here), if somebody gets sick, that’s our issue. The customer doesn’t see any of that. All they see is they get the same service.”

That service ranges from recurring housecleaning appointments to jobs doing window cleaning, carpet cleaning and cleaning for moving in or moving out. The company touts its eco-friendly 22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System.

Once a client hires The Maids, Tello said, an automatic system will schedule the appointment and send the customer a reminder. “It becomes a habit for customers,” he said, “a routine that they really appreciate.”

Reach The Maids of San Diego Cleaning Services at (858) 578-6243, (800) 843-6243 or

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