City calls for lane closures, detours with Children’s Pool Walk project in La Jolla

To accommodate construction, the City has created a temporary detour around the Children’s Pool Walk beautification project.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

To keep pedestrians away from the construction underway for the Children’s Pool Walk Beautification Project near the lifeguard station on Coast Boulevard, the City has announced a traffic control plan that will mean lane closures and pedestrian detours.

During construction, the sidewalk along the north side of Coast Boulevard immediately above Children’s Pool beach will be closed and a temporary walkway will be maintained to keep pedestrians away from the work zone, explained City spokesperson Alec Phillipp.

The seawall and staircase leading to the beach remain open.

The first stage of construction is going to focus on the area closest to the lifeguard tower, and continue through mid-September. During this time, the southbound lane of Coast Boulevard will be closed to traffic.

“Only northbound vehicular traffic should travel through the project area during construction hours; southbound traffic is diverted around the project site. This is clearly outlined with the signage in the area. After working hours, both north and southbound lanes near the project site will reopen. Pedestrians may use the sidewalk (across the street) or designated walkway throughout construction,” Phillipp said.

The second phase will migrate further away from the lifeguard tower and continue until the completion of the project.

“As construction continues, traffic conditions will be monitored daily by staff, and the traffic control plan may be modified or adjusted as needed,” Phillipp said.

Work can be expected from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday-Friday until the project is completed around Dec. 14, which is down to the wire for harbor seal pupping season (Dec. 15-May 15) when construction is not allowed.

The beautification project is intended to enhance pedestrian flow, and includes the installation of “sitting walls” with vegetation, and improved aesthetics on the sidewalk area above Children’s Pool beach. This is the latest iteration of the project, which has been in process and repeatedly revised since 2010.

The scope of work spans:

1) from the top of the stairs leading down to the Children’s Pool and front of the lifeguard tower, where short planters/sitting walls will be installed and filled with drought-tolerant plantings;

2) along the sidewalk heading north, where the landscaping will be removed and concrete will be replaced;

3) on Coast Boulevard, where a crosswalk will be painted (there is currently a pedestrian ramp but no crosswalk);

4) further north on the sidewalk, where additional teardrop-shaped planters/sitting walls will be installed;

5) fronting the gazebo where sitting walls and bike racks will be installed;

6) and up the street, where the white picket fence that lines toward Scripps Park will be extended. Benches at the site would remain.