La Jolla Shores Drive sees sewer line replacement, lane closures

After a one-year respite from disruptive construction in La Jolla Shores, front loaders, trucks and jackhammers are back along La Jolla Shores Drive, this time for a sewer and water line replacement project that will continue for approximately another year and a half. This work could run right up against the City’s undergrounding project, slated to start in just over a year.

The City of San Diego’s sewer and water project, currently underway, will replace 12,300 linear feet of water main pipes along La Jolla Shores Drive and connecting eastward streets. To accommodate construction vehicles, traffic is limited to one lane in some segments.

Project manager Steve Lindsay explained that the work will proceed this way until Memorial Day, when the summer construction moratorium goes into effect. At that time, work will continue on residential streets to the east of La Jolla Shores Drive that is not covered by the construction moratorium. The streets (all east of La Jolla Shores Drive) include: Paseo Dorado, Avenida de la Playa, Vallecitos, Calle de la Garza, Westway Drive, Whale Watch Way, Prestwick Drive, Ruette Monte Carlo, Ruette Nicole. After Labor Day, work will resume on La Jolla Shores Drive.

“The project, in total, will go for probably another year and a half,” he said.

For questions or concerns about the work, call the Public Works Department construction project information line at (619) 533-4207 or e-mail with the project name (AC Water & Sewer Group 1011) in the inquiry.

Lindsay does not predict there will be any conflict with the City’s undergrounding project when construction begins in winter 2019 and noted “it is possible to have two projects worked on at the same time.”

The Citywide undergrounding project will bring all utilities below ground, and is compartmentalized in large “blocks” across the City. The La Jolla Shores portions are known as block 1J and 1J Phase II, and are divided by La Jolla Shores Drive. Block 1J is the La Jolla Shores area west of La Jolla Shores Drive. Block 1J Phase II spans from east of La Jolla Shores into the Country Club and Muirlands area, bounded by Nautilus Street. Both blocks are set to begin construction at the end of 2019 and be completed in fall 2021.

Both blocks are in the design phase, and once this phase is completed, construction begins and more secure timeline is set.

“Undergrounding is a tremendously coordinated effort between the City, various utilities — SDG&E foremost among them — and the community temporarily impacted by the work. There can be delays,” explained City spokesperson Anthony Santacroce.

To see when your area is scheduled for undergrounding, or for general details about the City’s Utilities Undergrounding Program, call the information line at (619) 533-3841.

Shores residents and businesses are no strangers to lengthy construction projects. In May 2017, after four years of road work (with breaks in the summer and winter) to replace underground infrastructure that often meant closing portions of Avenida de la Playa — the area’s main thoroughfare — the City’s most recent construction project was completed. <end_bug_diamond>