Graduating students return to Bird Rock for reunion


The La Jolla High School graduating class of 2018 – one-time tiny tykes in the Bird Rock Elementary School first grade class of 2006-2007 – readying to graduate from their last year of school, returned to where they had their first year of school June 7. Climbing once again on the play structure of their kindergartens years, they had their turn to participate in an annual tradition of having high school students return to Bird Rock Elementary before they graduate, posed for a class-wide photo, met with former teachers, explored classrooms and more.

Zoe Trudeau said, “It’s really cool to see all my kindergarten friends back where it started. We see each other at La Jolla High School, but we have our group back together and it’s great to share memories with the teachers about what it was like to be in their classrooms.”

As to what stood out the most, she said, oddly enough, the bathrooms. “The bathrooms, which felt so big when we were little, are so small! The toilets are below my knee. It was crazy. All the classrooms felt so big and now seem so small.”

Jacob Ohara noted that the classrooms all smelled the same as when they were kids, with a chuckle, and that he misses the art projects that were done, the positive experiences he had with teachers and of course – recess.