La Jolla Foundation members fund teachers following low enrollment


Two anonymous angels, through the Foundation of La Jolla High School, saved what could have been a disruptive shake-up in student scheduling this year.

On Sept. 30, it was announced the enrollment numbers were lower than projected and the San Diego Unified School District was slated to cut at least two teachers at LJHS. This would result in new schedules for students impacted by the reduction on Oct. 15.

“Each year, schools across the district are asked to make staffing adjustments based on current enrollment numbers. This school year, mostly due to families moving out of San Diego, our enrollment numbers were lower than projected,” La Jolla High School principal Charles Podhorsky wrote to parents. “As a result, we have had to reduce our staffing accordingly. Thankfully, our Foundation was able to cover 0.4 of a teaching position (two classes) to help reduce the impact. But we will still have several departments significantly impacted by this reduction.”

A full-time teacher teaches five classes and has one preparation period, and schedules are measured by the number of classes they are available to teach.

On Oct. 11, the Foundation of La Jolla High School met to discuss how to minimize the disruption to students. At that time, two separate individuals came forward and were willing to fund four classes for a Spanish teacher and three classes for a PE teacher. So while some teacher’s schedules were reduced, none were eliminated as once projected.

“Both significant donations have been received by the Foundation, and (I have) directed the funds to be transferred to the district so La Jolla High School could minimize the staffing impact this year. La Jolla High School is fortunate to have such a supportive community,” Podhorsky said.