Kudos: Community effort leads to palm tree pruning in La Jolla

Well that was fast! Within a few months of La Jolla Park’s & Beaches (LJP&B) advisory committee being made aware of some palm trees in need of trimming on Coast Boulevard, the group partnered with the City and local residents to solve the problem.

In March, the board was asked by a nearby Homeowners Association to look into getting the “beards” of palm trees near a seating area known as a belvedere on the 300 block of Coast Blvd. removed, citing a fire hazard as a concern.

BEFORE: Palm trees on the 300 block of Coast Blvd. as of March 2019
(Light File)

In April, LJP&B trustee Bob Evans announced the board had raised about half the money needed to trim the trees, and had applied for a right of entry permit with the City to carry out the work.


In May, La Jolla Light observed that the trees had been cut back.

AFTER: The same palm trees have been trimmed.
(Ashley Mackin-Solomon)

“It was a community effort,” Evans said. “In our conversations with the City to try to get the palms trimmed, we were informed it would be many years (if at all) to get those palms on their trimming schedule. With the help of contributions from some local residents, we got quotes and were able to work with the City to … hire a City-approved tree care company to clean up the palms. Voilá!”

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