Greatrex trial delayed, motion to dismiss denied


A motion to dismiss the charges against La Jolla community volunteer Cindy Greatrex in The People vs. Cindy Greatrex was denied April 20 in San Diego Superior Court, and the trial date has been rescheduled to July 31.

Greatrex is accused of making out company checks from La Jolla Park & Recreation, Inc. payable to herself or cash, and cashing them into her personal accounts. According to court documents, the total loss was $67,935.86. Greatrex was president of La Jolla Park & Recreation, Inc. board in 2015, but stepped down in 2017, citing conflicts with other board members.

In her most recent court appearance, Greatrex and her attorney requested a motion to dismiss the charges and challenged whether the evidence presented in the preliminary hearing was sufficient, explained Chandelle Konstanzer, the attorney representing the People. Greatrex’s attorney stated that she does not speak to the press and declined to comment.

During the November 2017 preliminary hearing, which spanned three days, witnesses included employees and volunteers from the La Jolla Recreation Center, police investigators, postal investigators, business attorneys, and Greatrex herself. A key issue was determining the existence and legitimacy of the firm with which Greatrex said she entered into a contract and paid to write grants: American Field Consulting and its representative Jon Freeman.

Following the preliminary hearing, Judge Amalia Meza determined there was enough evidence to proceed to trial.

Konstanzer said the motion asks for a second judge, San Diego Superior Court Judge Michael Groch, to read the transcript of the preliminary hearing and review the evidence presented to determine whether the judge is correct in calling for a trial. Groch affirmed that a trial was merited during the April 20 hearing. The new trial date is July 31.