‘Creepy Clowns’ spotted near Bird Rock Elementary in La Jolla

Following a recent rash of “creepy clown” sightings across the country, which some believe to be a hoax spurred on social media, there have been two sightings this week of menacing clowns near Bird Rock Elementary (BRE).

La Jolla Elementary School principal Donna Tripi sent an email to parents, indicating she spoke with BRE Principal Amanda Hale, and wanted to join forces to make families aware of the situation.

“In one of the incidents the clown was on the street and tried to scare a parent and child. The parent confronted the clown who ran from the scene. (On Oct. 11) the clown was seen on the Bird Rock campus looking into windows. School Police were called, but the clown again ran from the area before they arrived,” the statement reads.

“While law enforcement does not believe there is a serious threat to safety, they are being vigilant about following up on all potential threats. Bird Rock is actively working with School Police and other law enforcement partners to investigate this matter. The safety and security of our students and staff is always our first priority.

“It is important that you tell older children who may be walking on their own, only to walk with other children or suspend that privilege for the time being. If you or your children see a clown in the area doing something unlawful (trespassing, looking into windows), please contact law enforcement and let us know.”

Starting in late summer, these sinister looking clowns began appearing in wooded areas of South Carolina. Since then, reports of people dressed as clowns, some armed with knives and other weapons, came from across the country. This would be the first confirmed sighting in La Jolla.