BANK YANKED: Wells Fargo forgoes La Jolla Vons


Inside La Jolla’s main supermarket, Vons at 7544 Girard Ave., a barbecue grill and two bins of toy balls stand where bank tellers once did.

Sometime before Aug. 1, the branch was closed and all traces of it removed — including every sign and even the two Wells Fargo ATMs. (A lone Federal Credit Union machine remains.)

In an e-mail from corporate headquarters, Wells Fargo spokesperson Brian Lucero-Contreras explained: “We saw a decrease in customer traffic over the last few years, which led to our decision to close that specific location.”

A total of eight team members were employed at the branch, all of whom were reassigned to other area Wells Fargo branches, Lucero-Contreras said.“We continually evaluate our branch network, and make adjustments based on customer use, market factors, economic trends, and competitor actions,” Lucero-Contreras’ email read. “This process leads to both expansion and closures.”

Another Wells Fargo branch remains two blocks to the north, where it has for years, at 7714 Girard Ave.

Vons spokesperson Melissa Hill told the Light that the supermarket space is “currently being marketed for another tenant — a bank or whomever else would be a good partner.”