TRAFFIC SHUT DOWN: La Jolla board 0 for 3 with City on recent recommendations

At the May 15 La Jolla Traffic & Transportation board meeting, chair Dave Abrams (center) reads responses from the City to recent board recommendations.

At the La Jolla Traffic & Transportation (T&T) board meeting on May 15, chair Dave Abrams announced that the City rejected three recent recommendations, saying that “they all fell down in flames.”

They included the board’s Dec. 19, 2018 recommendation to place a right-turn arrow on southbound North Torrey Pines Road at La Jolla Shores Drive, a request made by resident Simon Andrews.

Abrams read the City’s response: “This is an old issue the City has evaluated many times. About 20 years ago, a right turn on red signal was removed in order to provide more gaps in traffic.” Abrams reported that he wrote back saying that if the issue hadn’t been addressed in 20 years, “maybe it’s time to take it up again.” But he said the response he received was that City engineers also took it up recently.

Also shut down was T&T’s Jan. 16, 2019 recommendation to remove two curbside parking spaces each on north- and southbound Fay Avenue where it intersects Pearl Street, a request made by resident Frances Zimmerman. Abrams explained that the City not only felt it would not improve traffic, but would have an adverse affect.


Finally, establishing “keep clear” zones where Nautilus Street intersects both Avenida Manana and Avenida de la Reina by Muirlands Middle School — introduced by resident Sally Miller at T&T’s Jan. 16 meeting — isn’t going to happen anytime soon, either.

“We don’t always get our way,” Abrams said, “but they do listen to us and there’s good feedback both ways, and we appreciate that.”

New recommendation

La Jolla resident Robby Robinson presented her case for eliminating three parking spaces on southbound Torrey Pines Road, between Exchange Place and Prospect Street, just after a blind incline. She explained that she had recently been in an accident in which her car slammed into a car parked in one of those spaces.


“All of a sudden it was, what happened?’ ” Robinson said.

The board unanimously passed a motion to have Abrams ask a City engineer to investigate the accident history of that road stretch and the feasibility of eliminating the spaces.

“Thank you,” Robinson said.

“Well, don’t thank me yet,” Abrams joked.

In other Traffic news

Taste closed:

The board unanimously approved the San Diego Sports Medicine Foundation’s request for temporary no parking on Coast Boulevard, adjacent to Scripps Park, for its 17th annual Taste of the Cove on Thursday, September 5.

Harvesting approval: Also unanimously approved was the La Jolla Presbyterian Church’s request for a temporary street closure with no parking on Draper Avenue between Kline and Silverado streets, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Sunday, November 3, 2019 for its sixth annual Harvest Festival. Presenter Erika Hill caught trustee Tom Brady’s ear when she mentioned that the street-closure signs belonged to the church, which purchased them for $3,000 three years ago instead of renting them for $1,000 per year. (“So it’s paying for itself,” Brady said.)

— T&T next meets 4 p.m. Wednesday, June 19 at La Jolla Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.

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