FOAM IMPROVEMENT: Do 5 La Jolla restaurants pass takeout container inspection?


In October 2018, San Diego joined 119 other California cities in banning polystyrene food and beverage containers, which have been blamed for poisoning fish and other marine life, and damaging the health of people who eat seafood.

Although the ban on polystyrene — the non-biodegradable plastic commonly called Styrofoam — doesn’t take effect until April, the Light paid unannounced visits on five local restaurants and found all in early compliance with the new law.

Good job, La Jolla restaurateurs!

Because staring at cardboard probably isn’t your idea of entertainment, we tried making this story more fun. Can you match the environmentally conscious containers below with the La Jolla restaurants we found them in?

The answers are at the bottom. (No peeking!)






1. China Chef, 623 Pearl St.
2. Pannikin Coffee & Tea, 5143 Girard Ave.
3. Jack In The Box, 544 Pearl St.
4. Taco Stand, 621 Pearl St.
5. Whole Foods, 8825 Villa La Jolla Drive.

What Your Score Reveals:
5 correct: Congratulations! You probably should learn to cook.
3-4 correct: You know your La Jolla restaurants!
1-2 correct: Contain your enthusiasm.
0 correct: Seriously? The Jack In The Box logo is printed right on one of the boxes!