La Jolla Parks & Beaches identifies possible Concours d’Elegance car trouble


As it does every year, the La Jolla Parks & Beaches (LJP&B) advisory board supported the next Concours d’Elegance car show. This time was different, however. Board member Bill Robbins informed Concours chairman Michael Dorvillier that the City is “redoing the rules regarding parking and fees.” Therefore, a conditional motion was passed, 13-2, stating that the 15th annual car show — to be held April 12-14 at Scripps Park — is approved but with the condition that Dorvilleier return to eyeball whatever new rules the City comes out with.

Robbins heaped more unwelcome news on Dorvillier: Around the time of Concours, the bathrooms at Scripps Park are scheduled to be demolished and the driveway will be under construction.

Dorvillier replied that his organization would deal with these problems as they emerged. He also announced a contribution of $1,000 to LJP&B “as a way of thanking you for your support.”

LJP&B president Ann Dynes thanked Dorvillier for the gift, commenting that “we can probably use it to get our website back up.” (It’s been down for three months and counting.)

Also approved by the board were $6,635 to pay Jeff Tanzola for repainting railings, steps and a fence at the foot of Nautilus Street. Explaining that La Jolla has to fund such repainting projects “because the City doesn’t paint their stuff,” Robbins added a warning: New rules may be headed La Jolla’s way requiring that all work be completed only by licensed contractors with proof of liability insurance.

“We just got 55 pages of new rules,” he said. “I expect it’s going to be headed to this organization. Things are changing.”

Baby steps for walkway project

Updating the board on her Children’s Pool Walkway Beautification, member Phyllis Minick noted that the project is getting a late start. If it had started June 1, as was originally planned, it would be completed Nov. 15. “This is now the end of July and I don’t see any jackhammers yet,” Minick said.Minick noted there were two more weeks left for the project to be completed in time for the next pupping-season closure.

Dynes expressed her hope that the project makes Minick’s 90th birthday, to which Minick replied: “Let’s hope Phylilis does.”

Also at the Rec Center meeting, Dynes tried rallying board support to form a City of San Diego Parks Foundation, “so that little old ladies like me can leave their money and say, ‘I want my million dollars to fund a ranger who picks up trash in Scripps Park.’” She said she’s convening an exploratory meeting about the project on Aug. 13 that “could lead to a really constructive resource for our parks.”

Dyne also suggested that the group compile a list of every single park in La Jolla and which body manages each.

“If we do an inventory of all our public parks, we just might conclude that we’re not unde-rparked,” she said, “but just have a lot of underused protected areas.”

Finally, Diane Kane updated the board on the Children’s Pool Historic Designation Project, reporting it as 99.5 percent done. The project, consisting of 50 pages each of text and exhibits, will be posted on the La Jolla Historical Society website for review.

“We’ll keep it up there for 30 days,” Kane said. “If you have anything you want to add or want changed, it’s possible to do through that website.”— La Jolla Parks & Beaches next meets at 4 p.m. Monday, Aug. 27 at the Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.