HASTA LA JOLLA? Rec Center’s beloved Nicole may move on

That pleasant and knowledgeable presence occupying the La Jolla Recreation Center office for the past six-and-a-half years has left the building. Possibly for good.

This week, Nicole Otjens started as trial director of the Nobel Athletic Fields & Recreation Center in San Diego. She applied for the job last fall, she told the Light, in order to obtain a promotion — including greater duties and pay — from Center Director 2 to Center Director 3.

“I feel I’m ready to move up in the City,” Otjens said. “With my skills, I’m ready to take on new challenges. But we’ll see if my dream job comes true.”

Even though Otjens was selected from a field of more than 60 candidates, she said she won’t know if she has the job — or if the La Jolla Rec Center will need a new director — for three or four more weeks.

“If it happens, I will miss the public and the staff, and I will miss the community and working with my staff, because the La Jolla community is great,” Otjens said. “But I’m here until Feb. 8 and who knows what will happen between now and then.”

The La Jolla Rec Center sits at 615 Prospect St.