La Jolla permitters pass 622 Nautilus St. project


One new project got through the La Jolla Development Permit Review (DPR) Committee’s Tuesday, July 10 meeting at the Rec Center: the Sumal Residence at 622 Nautilus St.

DPR gave its blessing for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) to demolish an existing detached garage and build a new, two-story, 3,020-square-foot single-dwelling unit on a site with two existing detached single-dwelling units — for a total of three.

Making his second presentation before DPR, applicant Tim Jones presented all requested deliverables and faced no public opposition. The vote was unanimous, with two abstentions, stipulating only that Jones modify his landscape plan to add one 24” box Magnolia tree and remove adequate paving in the front right-hand corner of the lot. (Jones was asked to write the modifications on his plan before the vote, and complied.)

DPR chair presents

In a move not seen in many years, the chair of DPR recused himself from a vote to become a presenter. With former DPR chair Mike Costello voted in to conduct the proceedings in his stead, Brian Will presented for preliminary review applications for a Coastal Development Permit and Site Development Permit to construct a new, single-dwelling unit with detached guest quarters and underground basement — for a total of 6,386 square feet — on a half-acre vacant lot between 832 and 850 La Jolla Rancho Road.

The committee offered Will little-to-no home-field advantage, dashing the architect’s hope of gaining the unanimous vote on his initial presentation that would have allowed him to proceed directly to a La Jolla Community Planning Association vote without making another DPR presentation.

Trustee Diane Kane questioned the amount of soil Will needed to excavate a lower floor on the cliff. (“Quite a bit,” Will replied.)

Kane then asked how Will proposed constructing such a massive project without blocking the street. (There’s no construction plan yet.)

Kane also asked about the lack of windows with a clear view of the street.

“It’s too closed off,” she said, citing street safety and noting that too many new La Jolla homes have no ability to monitor the street.

Will replied with a well-received joke: “I make more money if you make us change it. I might get fired, but in the interim, I make more money.”

Unfunny mess

No one laughed during the final presentation, a reheating of the problematic request for a map waiver and CDP amendment, for three residential condo units at 7460 Herschel Ave., first presented to DPR on June 12.

Construction on the condos, as well as a new catch basin and storm drain, was already completed but shortened neighbor Shayne Gilder’s driveway, at 7444 Herschel Ave., by three feet. Property owner Dan Tobar, who is also a civil engineer and land surveyor, said the narrowing was required by City Code.

“The City caused this problem,” Will said. “The City approved a storm drain location that chopped off part of his driveway. It’s safe to assume that the City was not aware at the time of the impact it would have on Shayne.”

“I don’t see a real easy solution,” Kane added.

Tobar also said that the City wants to add a street light with a 12-inch square base, something of which Gilder was unaware.

“But this property is already burdened by this catch basin,” Tobar said. “This is a nonstandard thing and I think it’s a very reasonable basis to make that accommodation for that property.”

The thorny matter was continued to a future meeting.

— DPR next meets 4 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 14 at the Rec Center, 615 Prospect St.