Tony Crisafi named Community Planning prez

Tony Crisafi is the new president of the La Jolla Community Planning Association (LJCPA). The architect — who also presided over the association from 2011 to 2014 — received eight of 15 votes to Diane Kane’s seven at LJCPA’s April 4 meeting at the La Jolla Rec Center.

Just minutes after Crisafi was sworn in by City Council member Barbara Bry as a new trustee, he found himself nominated by fellow trustee Tom Brady and presiding over the final two hours of the meeting. (Second vice president Brian Will had been running it in outgoing LJCPA chair Bob Steck’s absence.)

The other LJCPA officers elected at the meeting were new first vice president Matt Mangano, new second vice president David Gordon and new secretary Suzanne Weissman. Finally, trustee Mike Costello was elected the new treasurer — although his nomination was more like a draft. (“Come on, we can use you,” Will appealed to Costello after he initially declined.)

All new LCPA officers will serve until March 2020.

Rejected by a landslide

LJCPA voted 14-1-0 not to recommend a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) and Site Development Permit (SDP) to demolish an existing house at 7248 Encelia Drive (damaged due to a landslide that occurred on a second lot located at 7231 Romero Drive) and to construct a three-story house on each lot with a lot-line adjustment.

Following a presentation by architects Susan and Walter Smith, the project — a dwelling for LED scientist Ihor Lys that previously resulted in an impasse with no recommendation from the La Jolla Development Permit Review (DPR) committee — was opposed by LJCPA “due to excessive bulk and scale including height and form, and due to the lack of step-backs of the facade, which makes the structure out of character with the surrounding community.”

DPR chairman Will said he had asked the applicant to address the project’s size when it was heard at DPR. “To the best of my knowledge, it meets code, but it’s big,” he said. “The second floor should step back and these step out. And finally, this project proposes a lot line adjustment, but the house appears too big for the lot that it’s on.”

The dissenting vote was cast by DPR’s Costello, who explained his vote to the project’s opponents in the audience — a cadre of 11 neighbors including 1977 Nobel Prize for Medicine winner Roger Guillemin.

“If you really believe (the hillside is) unstable,” Costello said, “it’s probably going to give way again. My question to you is, wouldn’t you be better off having this stabilized, knowing that the person who did the stabilization is going to actually have to live on site?”

Mural mural on the wall

Deborah Marengo, chair of the La Jolla Planned District Ordinance (PDO) committee, raised the possibility of LJCPA taking up the issue of whether to call for the removal of a decorative marquee installed (and illuminated) over the O’Gara Coach and McLaren car dealership at 7440 La Jolla Blvd. Opponents say it’s a billboard, not an art mural, since it features an image a McLaren car, which is sold in the showroom below.

“My problem is I can’t pick and choose,” Marengo said, explaining why the PDO hasn’t reviewed the issue yet. “The Conrad’s (mural) has been up there advertising their space. How do you tell one member of a community that they’ve got to take theirs down but the Conrad can have theirs?”

The item was added to next month’s LJCPA agenda.

Bringing the noise

Matthew Price of the San Diego Airport Noise Advisory Committee (ANAC) updated LJCPA on its February meeting, during which it was reported that La Jolla led the region in noise complaints. He also brought up San Diego International Airport’s upcoming expansion plan. Price explained that the airport is redoing its old Terminal 1 to increase the number of gates and flights by 25 percent, yet its draft Environmental Impact Report was criticized for not addressing the commensurate transportation and noise issues. The next meeting, Price said, takes place April 17, at which time a consultant hired by the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority will provide reports to ANAC.

Pulled consent-agenda items

The Gilllispie School’s request for a change-in-use and amendment to a CDP and a Conditional Use Permit, for its latest expansion at 7380 Girard Ave., was approved by LJCPA 14-1-1. The plan includes merging existing commercial lots with existing school lots, and remodeling an existing school building to add new school programs, new signage and parking-lot re-striping. (Trustee Dan Courtney dissented due to traffic impacts.)The project was pulled from the March consent agenda by trustee David Little, who commented, “This is an important decision that involves some loss of commercial property and some loss of right-of-way, and it should be discussed by the community. (Applicant’s rep Joe LaCava replied that no right-of-way was lost — that the public had simply gotten used to cutting through the school’s private parking lot, which would now be fenced in for security reasons.)

LJCPA voted 13-0-2 to approve a CDP recommended by DPR to add a 194-square-foot addition/remodel to an existing 3,222-square foot house, an 88-square-foot addition to the existing 619-square-foot garage, and a new 729-square-foot detached companion unit to a 3,222-square foot house at 7025 Vista Del Mar Ave.LJCPA unanimously recommended a request by community activist Melinda Merryweather to remove and relocate a crosswalk at the foot of Playa del Norte by Neptune Place, pulled by trustee David Little from the March consent agenda.

The presentation for the Panaroma Homes Project — for which DPR recommended a CDP to construct two new houses on two vacant lots at 1188 and 1200 Muirlands Drive — was postponed to a future meeting. It had been pulled by from the consent agenda by Phil Merten.

Approved consent-agenda items

LJCPA voted to recommend the following consent-agenda items, all of which were pre-approved by community advisory groups and not pulled:

  1. a CDP to construct a 500-square-foot companion unit over an existing detached 500-square-foot garage located at 714 Forward St.;
  2. a CDP and SDP to build a 1,943-square-foot addition to an existing 9,799-square-foot house located at 9046 La Jolla Shores Lane;
  3. a CDP and SDP to construct a second-story addition and roof deck to an existing one-story 3,961-square-foot residence at 8516 La Jolla Shores Drive; and
  4. two-hour parking on Kilbourn Drive, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday to deter all-day parking by UC San Diego students.

Also at LJCPA

  • LJCPA voted to give a six-month extension to the Hillside Drive ad hoc committee, keeping it active until October 2019.
  • LJCPA voted to send a letter to the City opposing the recent revocation of the vehicle habitation ordinance, as suggested by Costello, with some edits as suggested by the committee.

— The La Jolla Community Planning Association next meets 6 p.m. Thursday, May 2 at the La Jolla Recreation Center, 615 Prospect St.