‘Community Spirit’ bench added in Bird Rock to remember La Jollan Todd Cooper


The Bird Rock Community Council recently added a new “seat” to the neighborhood’s Bench Beautification series.

“Community Spirit,” at 5510 La Jolla Blvd., was sponsored by the family of Todd Cooper, who passed away suddenly at age 50. In a press release about the bench dedication, artist Jane Wheeler writes: “Todd was an avid artist, musician, surfer, athlete, teacher, philosopher, friend, coach and more. His magical and multi-talented spirit is captured within the waves- and sea-themed tessera of the bench.

“Todd embodied the artistic self-expression that flows through Bird Rock — the freedom to create, including creating community. His open heart, quick wit, love for his family and friends, as well as his caring and compassion for others, were an inspiration. His smile and love of the ocean are anchored into the bench, so all may feel his beautiful presence when they sit or pass by. Todd reminds us to ‘be present’ and enjoy each of our journeys, since we are really only here for a glimpse in time.”

Those interested in sponsoring a future bench may contact or Jane Wheeler at (619) 822-1120,