City closes Coast Walk Trail bridge in La Jolla

The bridge at Coast Walk Trail was closed Feb. 28 due to erosion, and will remain closed for the foreseeable future, said City Public Information Officer Anthony Santacroce in an e-mail to La Jolla Light. Signs have been posted on both sides of the bridge prohibiting access, and additionally, caution tape and A-frame barricades are on site to indicate particular problem areas.

The Coast Walk Trail lies between Goldfish Point and Coast Walk, a short street west of Torrey Pines Road between Prospect Place and Amalfi Street. A portion of the trail near the Coast Walk entrance has also been closed due to erosion.

“There is a visible crack on the trail that indicates instability,” said Santacroce. “Geologists have visited the site and there is a meeting next week to determine what is to be done. The Coast Trail is a shared asset of City’s Parks & Rec and Transportation & Storm Water departments, with maintenance falling on the latter. There are no plans to reopen the (bridge and affected portion of the) Trail at this time.”

There is no sign at the Goldfish Point entrance indicating the bridge is closed. Along the Trail, there is another area where a gap has opened and the resulting hole, leading to the cliff, is covered by plywood and barricades. La Jolla Light will report any new details, as they become available.