La Jolla’s Calle del Cielo sub-division nixed: Application ‘was withdrawn and closed’

Plans to divide what has been described as the “last exciting piece of property in La Jolla Shores” may be on hold, following the sale of the property at 8303 La Jolla Shores Drive.

According to real estate reports, the 4.45-acre site accessed at 8303 La Jolla Shores Drive was sold in June 2018, and plans to sub-divide the lot are at an “all stop.” City spokesperson Scott Robinson said that the application to divide the property “was withdrawn by the owner and closed on Aug. 22, 2018.”

The lot was previously considered to be divided into eight lots with a house built on each one. The sub-division was reluctantly approved at the La Jolla Community Planning Association 9-5-2 in September 2017, after three sub-committee hearings, one special meeting and more than four hours of LJCPA debate (over two months).

The team behind the project were developer Louis Beacham, design architects James Alcorn and Paul Benton of Alcorn & Benton Architects, engineer Tony Christensen, and landscape architect Jim Neri. The plan was to sell each lot individually and build a house on each one.


“The buyer is going to look at all the different possibilities,” Benton said. “It is my understanding this project is at an all stop.”

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