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Bird Rock Elementary School needs a true leader

A strong leader sets the tone at a school. That principal offers a continuity for the students, teachers, parents and community.

Three retired principals sharing the principal job at Bird Rock Elementary School until a permanent replacement is found is ridiculous (“Bird Rock Elementary starting school year with trio of interim principals,” Aug. 17, La Jolla Light). All administrative decisions will be temporary and hold no water for the future of Bird Rock.

The past permanent principal went on leave in January and formally stepped down in April. The area superintendent for District C predicts the permanent position will not be reposted until January 2024. Ineffective for students and teachers!

As a 41-year experienced teacher, I am appalled.

Bird Rock Elementary School has such a strong history. It deserves better than this lack of timely decision-making and leadership.

Joyce Singer Abrams

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Design, build and spend better on La Jolla welcome sign

A “Welcome to La Jolla” sign is planned for the intersection of Torrey Pines Road and La Jolla Shores Drive.
(Trace Wilson)

A “welcome” to La Jolla sign and “refurbish” the median for $90,000? (“La Jolla Shores Association donates $1,000 for welcome sign,” Aug. 17, La Jolla Light)

As an interior architect and environmental-justice filmmaker who has been privileged to live, travel and volunteer around the world and resides a stone’s throw from where this median is in La Jolla Shores, I say ...

A sign? Yes! Please make it “welcoming” by doing something with intention that is tasteful and relevant and will withstand time for this beautiful beach community.

At that cost? No! (Regardless of whose money it is.)

I know we can do better by showing the millions of people who visit here from around the globe and those of us who are so fortunate to live here that we respect the natural beauty of this place.

You want to welcome all? Then please, design, build and spend with intention.

Mitzi Mayer

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Park restrooms are unusable for many

After reading at least two different letters regarding the “privacy” issue at Scripps Park and visiting the restrooms there and at the Children’s Pool, I’d like to add that there is another serious problem at both of those locations: no toilet seats! (“Scripps Park restroom facility still has privacy problems,” Our Readers Write, Aug. 17, La Jolla Light)

For any senior, resident or tourist with knee or joint pain, hovering over a stainless-steel bowl is not possible. And I don’t need my time wasted with explanations of the maintenance, politics or financial reasons why toilet seats are no longer required for our public parks. They are unusable for one of the largest demographic populations in the country.

I find myself frequenting only a few parks for my walks due to the facilities provided and thus missing many of our treasured scenic locations.

Don’t get me started on restrooms shared by everyone. Topic for another discussion.

Patricia Zimmer

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Story brings back memories of FLIP

The Scripps Institution of Oceanography's FLoating Instrument Platform, or FLIP, helped conduct sea research.
The Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s FLoating Instrument Platform, or FLIP, helped conduct sea research before being retired this month.
(Mario Aguilera / Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Lovely article about FLIP (“La Jolla’s Scripps Oceanography retires seagoing research platform after 61 years,” Aug. 17, La Jolla Light).

I remember as a boy seeing films of it on TV and also seeing it tied up at a pier at the Embarcadero [in San Diego]. Wondered what had happened to it.

Dan Goldzband

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