Guest Commentary: Summer brings upswing in Enhance La Jolla’s efforts for Maintenance Assessment District

Pink Tabebuia trees were planted outside the La Jolla Recreation Center in July.
Pink Tabebuia trees were planted outside the La Jolla Recreation Center in July in a partnership between Enhance La Jolla and the San Diego Parks & Recreation Department.
(Provided by Brian Earley)

La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District report


Enhance La Jolla, which manages the Maintenance Assessment District for The Village, continues its dedication to preservation and physical improvement in the public right of way, providing landscaping, janitorial services, power-washing and graffiti abatement.

We were founded to provide services beyond what the city of San Diego provides, called “baseline services.” Because we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we seek opportunities with other nonprofit organizations, businesses, individuals and the city to improve the look and feel of the community.

Several partnerships have been developed in the past year to get new assets in and above the ground, including the addition of five pink Tabebuia trees in front of the La Jolla Recreation Center in July. This was accomplished as a partnership between Enhance La Jolla and the city’s Parks & Recreation Department.

The five tree wells were empty for several years and presented a trip hazard on the sidewalk in front of 615 Prospect St. It also was an opportunity to work with city park arborist and tree maintenance manager Erich Kast, as well as Parks & Recreation Area Manager Rosalia Castruita for a combined effort.

Enhance La Jolla purchased the large 48-gallon trees and the city provided the equipment and personnel to prep and plant them. We are very pleased with the results and have gained a new understanding of the valued work of these dedicated city employees.

The new pink Tabebuias are part of almost 30 trees that have been planted since 2020 and are part of our continued beautification efforts, which have included dozens of hanging baskets along Girard Avenue, Prospect Street and Silverado Street. We are planning more and have opportunities for organizations to partner with us in these future hanging-basket efforts.

This spring, Enhance La Jolla conducted a request for quotes process that brings competitive bids for our primary vendor services. We are happy to report that Nissho of California will return as the vendor providing landscape services such as trimming trees and the ongoing care for not just hanging baskets but potted plants you may see in front of stores. It also provides additional trash collection when cans begin to overflow or if our dog stations are running low on doggie bags.

Urban Corps of San Diego will return with its powerful commercial-grade devices to remove gum and spills and bring a clean look as much as possible to our dated sidewalks. This service is performed late at night and into the early morning, and we hope you can see the difference in our most walked areas.

Enhance La Jolla and its vendors are a daily operation for trash removal and five days a week for landscaping and recently increased from three to four days a week for power-washing.

A city project manager is requested for the Village streetscape plan; sidewalk power-washing is increased to four nights a week; and more.

July 23, 2023

Chris Cott leads our efforts in graffiti and sign abatement (for signs illegally posted on city property) and performs an astonishing 30-60 removals or repairs a week. The community is under constant assault from those who do not value personal and public property, and we are fortunate to have all our vendors working to keep our Village beautiful.

During the recent city budget approvals, funding for all the city’s MADs was included, and I had the pleasure of providing public comments in support of the La Jolla MAD and its annual budget. We were recognized by the City Council for excellent efforts in developing nonprofit partnerships that assisted in the hanging-baskets project. It was interesting to learn that Enhance La Jolla is one of the largest MADs in size and budget in San Diego, which has over 60.

We will continue to pursue this great level of service and appreciate hearing from you if there is an issue or you believe something can be improved. Please write to me at or text pictures or call me at Enhance La Jolla at (858) 444-5892.

Brian Earley is manager of the La Jolla Maintenance Assessment District, administered by Enhance La Jolla.