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Pedestrians could use warnings on uneven sidewalks

I know there have been people suing over uneven sidewalks when they have fallen in The Village.

I was visiting my son in Beverly Hills, and wherever the sidewalk is even slightly raised up, they paint it with orange fluorescent paint that you can see long before you get to it.

I am very careful when I walk, as I do not want to trip and fall. I found this was an excellent solution to warn me.

This is an inexpensive way to make sidewalks safer. I believe it is the city’s responsibility to take care of this issue and not the merchants (“Facing 37,000 sidewalk repairs and millions in injury payouts, S.D. wants property owners to assume liability,” June 29, La Jolla Light).

I hope they will do so soon.

Avra Kassar

Just when you think the city parents can’t make any worse decisions (support for SB 10, anyone?)

July 24, 2023

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Thanks for coverage of critical La Jolla issues

Thanks for your great coverage of La Jolla’s CIP [capital improvements program] requests, the efforts of Enhance La Jolla and Richard Berkson’s explanation of property taxes.

You at the Light are instrumental in informing the public about La Jolla’s critical issues that feature directly in our efforts to become an independent entity. Hooray for a terrific free press!

Diane Kane

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