Our Readers Write: Praise for Light and La Jolla cityhood; Cove ecosystem danger; threat of SB 10

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Light has proved it’s no lightweight

This letter has been long in coming, as I knew in my heart I had to admit a sin of misjudgment on my part. In the past I judged the La Jolla Light as lightweight and just full of real estate offerings, social trivia and ads. What a sorrowful misjudgment on my part! Please forgive me.

Over the past several years I have grown to not just enjoy the newsworthy value of the articles but to respect the truly valuable role the Light plays in our community perceptions.

What has managed to push me from my lethargy in admitting this ill-founded misjudgment has been your thorough coverage of the pros and cons of La Jolla becoming an independent city. My sincere congratulations on an excellent job of educating our community. [Read the Light’s six-part series on potential La Jolla cityhood at]

Not only do I feel that move would benefit San Diego but also ultimately La Jolla, as it will bring a true connection between the locals and their leaders, which in turn will undoubtedly bring about more fiscal transparency and accountability. What a formula for success!

Judy Benson

— — —

Good intentions pave Cove area’s road to ruin

In response to the letter about the “unspoiled magnificence” of the La Jolla Cove area ecosystem (“Love and protect La Jolla Underwater Park,” Our Readers Write, June 1, La Jolla Light), I have to wonder if people who think La Jolla Cove is doing well have actually gone into the water lately.

What supports that ecosystem is what is going on under the surface. I agree it is fun to watch the sea lions frolic and the birds take care of their hatchlings, but consider that the overpopulation of sea lions is depleting the fish, crustaceans, invertebrates, etc., and pretty soon this whole ecosystem will collapse.

At some point, SeaWorld and well-intended folks decided to save every single sea lion. Where are the garibaldi (the California state saltwater fish)? Anyone interested in saving them? I grew up in La Jolla and remember how sea lions, birds, fish, etc., all got along without anyone wagging their finger in our faces.

It is sad that future generations will not have the opportunity to witness what it truly means to “experience the interplay between nature and humanity” at Point La Jolla and Boomer Beach.

Veronica Shaw

— — —

SB 10 would further damage La Jolla

I am not a resident of La Jolla, but I love the community and would not want to see it marred by Senate Bill 10 (“La Jollans join opposition to including Senate Bill 10 in planned San Diego housing package,” June 8, La Jolla Light).

I see the results of massive condo construction in La Mesa and Mission Hills, often with no allowance for parking, with street parking already maxed out. Can you visualize La Jolla streets with dozens of cars searching for a parking space?

The ambience of La Jolla will be further damaged (the seal/sea lion problem has done a number on the community already).

James Heiner

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