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La Jolla has much to prove in drive toward cityhood

Talk of La Jolla becoming its own city separate from San Diego occurs every few years. Maybe this time it will proceed further than previous discussions (“Push for a city of La Jolla is reborn with new analysis and fundraising,” March 16, La Jolla Light).

Presumably, the motivation for the move is “local control” of priorities and money to fund those priorities. And therein lies the rub. While La Jolla is just 3 percent of the population of San Diego, it contributes a much higher proportion of San Diego’s tax revenue. Would San Diego be willing to part with that contribution?

Not only must a majority of La Jollans vote for secession but a majority of San Diegans must do so as well.

As a local group continues its exploration of La Jolla becoming a city independent of San Diego, the answers to many questions will signal the potential viability of such a move.

A recent La Jolla Light article quoted Association for the City of La Jolla President Trace Wilson as saying, “We can actually help not only our own community but, more importantly, the entire San Diego community.” (More important for the rest of San Diego than for La Jolla? Really?)

Convincing San Diegans of that will take one doozy of a sales pitch! Especially since San Diego is expected to face a budget gap of over $300 million over the next five years. Further, the cityhood application would have to produce a plan showing “financial self-sufficiency” for at least the first three years.

Maybe it is just me, but I would like to remain in La Jolla long after those first three years and would insist on a plan that provides a solid expectation for remaining in the black much longer than three years.

Jonathan Scheff

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La Jolla needs its own leadership

It’s about time that La Jolla, the jewel of San Diego, gets recognized as a city.

Perhaps with its own leadership, things will get done. Like streets and Children’s Pool repair.

Josef Rennleitner

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Thank you, Inga, for insights on organic recycling

To Inga: I read your column each week expecting to laugh, wonder at the follies of man and gain a little insight into the Village mores. You did not fail me with the organic recycling mandate column (“Ready or not, it’s time to recycle food waste,” Let Inga Tell You, March 9, La Jolla Light).

The lack of anecdotal review and public conversation when crafting bills in California still amazes me. In this time of social media [I think back on your comments re: jaywalking], the sources are extensive.

Maybe in the future, City Hall will contact you for public insight, since they seem to lack “feet on the ground” resources. Probably not!

Thank you for your research and discussion, and especially your wit.

Suzanne Klein

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