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La Jolla could use more transparency from secession group

It is my feeling that my 30-plus years of residency should qualify me for having an experiential perspective relating to La Jolla’s present status as a city of San Diego component.

Needless to say, the important decision pertaining to La Jolla’s possibly seeking independence from the city and the determination of those actions necessary to achieve that goal definitely warrant a facilitated, orchestrated, communitywide conversation. La Jolla is fortunate to have a brain trust of accomplished and competent residents who might contribute significantly to the conversation.

Let me first acknowledge and honor all of those individuals who contribute their efforts and time to better the lives of others. With that said, there is an organized assemblage of La Jolla residents who are focusing on this secession issue that will significantly affect the future and quality of La Jolla. It is very frustrating to me that the actions of this group have not been adequately communicated to the La Jolla community at large. I encourage the group to better engage and involve the residents of La Jolla in the overall process.

Allowing the perception that the issue pertaining to the possible secession of La Jolla from the city of San Diego is being appropriately addressed when it might not be provides a harmful scenario.

Ira Parker

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Composting food without the hassle or the smell

Regarding Inga’s column “Ready or not, it’s time to recycle food waste” (March 9, La Jolla Light):

Last year I purchased a home food composter and I love it!

I fill it once a day (I cook a lot) and turn it on at night. In the morning I have about 8 ounces of dirt-like compost, which doesn’t smell, take up space or cost me anything more than the veg/cardboard/protein scraps that I put in the night before.

Megan Heine

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