Our Readers Write: Windansea stairway, Children’s Pool seals

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Letters to the editor:

Thank you for repainting Windansea stairway railings

Thank you, Joseph McGoldrick!

You recently repainted the stairway railings and the “penalty box” at the foot of Nautilus Street (“It needed to be done: Resident paints stairway railings at Windansea Beach without San Diego’s approval,” Feb. 9, La Jolla Light).

You did a wonderful job and did a service for our community.

The [San Diego] Get It Done app is non-functional. Good idea. But non-functional.

Bureaucratic red tape gets in the way of logic. Instead of criticizing and/or threatening Mr. McGoldrick, the city spokesman should have thanked him for his good citizenship and effort.

Mr. McGoldrick is definitely a friend of Windansea in the largest sense of the phrase.

Joyce Abrams

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At least make the Children’s Pool easier on the nose

Enough already! Some say keep the seals; others want them to leave. With no solution in the offing, let me propose a temporary fix till cooler heads prevail.

Here’s the deal: Fill a San Diego firetruck with Febreze, send it to the Children’s Pool and give the entire region a good spritz once or twice as the situation demands. Presto! The seals’ smell is mitigated and the community can be relieved of this olfactory torture.

Certainly this is only a rudimentary effort at a solution but may buy time until a better long-term plan is initiated. Then peace and harmony might return to our community, which is now in crisis mode.

Neal Kline

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